Regimen and Staples

Wash every 7-10 days
Nexxus Therappe

Protein every 14-20 days
Nexxus Keraphix

Condition every 7-10 days
Nexxus Humectress

Deep Condition every 7-10 days (if needed)
Joico Recovery Balm or Keracare Humecto

Final Rinse every 7-10 days
Kanechom Ceramides

Relaxer after 16 weeks
Design Essentials Lo-Lye

Roller set and Protective Style

4 thoughts on “Regimen and Staples

  1. i thought the Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner is a cleasing rinse-out conditioner.. didn’t know that it is also dual-purpose as a DC…
    How do you like the Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizer? do you prefer it over the transition creme?

    • Hey Bebe,
      The one I have says it can be left in 15-20 minutes then rinsed out. It can be used as a rinse out or DC, but it is to thin to be used as a rinse out IMO. It is a really thick conditioner. I do prefer the Sweet Cocoa Bean over the LTC, but then again, it is winter and the former is thicker than the latter.

  2. How do you like Darcy’s Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner as a leave-in? Does it work as a better leave-in than the sweet cocoa bean?

    • I’ve never tried it as a leave in just a deep conditioner. It might be too heavy for a leave in. The cocoa bean is really good, but I like it for winter since it is thick.

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