Hair Journey Pictures

I fake the funk really well, but I have come a LONG way

Here are some pictures documenting my journey:

New Years 2010. I was barely APL with bone straight hair

October 2011. Right before my hair journey. This is the last time I visited a salon. I was closed to APL, but not fully. Still bone straight.

January 2012. Bunning was just my life and I really didn’t care. I was hiding bad crown breakage. By this time, however, protein was incorporated in my regimen, so you’d never know I had any breakage. The first few inches are texlaxed. Not purposely, I just don’t believe in corrective relaxers fully due to fear. They work, but I had it done once, it took a year to get my hair back on track and I vowed never to correct again.

This was around April 2012. I remember the lady giving me a massage telling me she she knows I was relaxed, but I had a lot of hair. She asked me “how long does it take?” And I replied “forever…”

May or June 2012. Not sure. I hated this V. This is how my hair naturally grows, but I also didn’t really know how to trim my ends, so when I did trim, I was making the V deeper. I was a little below BSL here.

August 2012. The day of my friends birthday, I hated that damn V and I had been watching Feye’s Self Trimming Method for like 3 days. So I just said “Go With God Tasia!” And did the method and cut. Unlike when I used to go to the salon, I was glad to see it go. I was between APL and BSL at this point.

Novemeber 2012. I had just relaxed. I started documenting my buns.

I grew out my bangs enough that I didn’t need pins anymore when pulling my hair in a ponytail.

My buns from November 2012 until May 2013. The lefts are air dried, the rights are roller set.

Twist outs I usually try to do closer to a relaxer to reduce tension and breakage. I still love the look of them though.

April 2013 to June 2013. The first picture is after ending a stretch with trimmed ends and the rest are between that stretch.


I never took a picture of the breakage when it first happened (I was just embarrassed) but I finally decided to take one. My crown was maybe 4 inches long, so when I would rollerset, it would look so thin and cheesy. After cutting it a few times, more like 10 times, its finally close to SL.

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

September 2013

September 2013

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 2013

October 2013

to be continued…

20 thoughts on “Hair Journey Pictures

  1. I literally laughed out loud at “Go with God ‘Tasia”! I understand what you mean regarding the breakage, I have a few spots that need to “fill out” so once I reach BSL, I plan to maintain there for a while to give the broken areas time to catch up.

    • At that point, I just faced the fact that I had to let the damage go. Pre-journey, I would have had kittens over cutting hair, but now that Ive got the power, I just let it go. But it didn’t fail me. I plan on giving my areas time to catch up too, but at the rate Im going, they might catch up sooner that I think!

    • Take it!!! I was so down afterwards but I still tried to take a proactive approach and its working. Slowly, but its still happening.

    • I didn’t trim because it was too much to cut. I would have had to big chop. What I did was just use protein in the area until breakage stopped then was gentle with it. I don’t smooth relaxers in that area either. Because that area is driest and the most coarse, it is prone to the most breakage for me. I just let it grow out, but it does blend in well. At some point, it will just look like layers. If the breakage is really short, don’t cut, but if the breakage is a few inches and you can deal with a cut, then cut.

  2. I love how well you documented your journey! Your ‘v’ shape is pretty though I had to learn to live with mine.

  3. I have horrible breakage! on one side of my head towards the front and the edges. My crown is great! I have been texlaxing for 18 months and still have about 4 inchese of relaxed hair, which is where it appears to be breaking. I moisturize and seal daily; I deep condition; I do protein treatments (maybe too often at monthly) and I co wash (which is mainly when I noticed the breaking). How did you solve your breakage issue? Your hair is gorgeous!

    • I used protein as often as I needed it at first then just used it monthly after. Keep moisture and protein on check. Then I started slowly cutting away the hair. I stopped co washing though because it only helped the breakage with off setting moisture.

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