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Wash Day

So, two week wash days are helping me out with washing and saving my ends :0 who knew. I started by washing with John Masters Bare Shampoo. I used a bit much on one side but it still worked out. It wasn’t too drying or stripping, but next time I will use less but it … Continue reading

Relaxer Day

Please excuse me. I’m really slow these days. Sometimes I fall asleep while texting… So I relaxed this past weekend at 19 weeks post. While I was prepping my hair, I thought to myself “do I really need a relaxer? Can I hold out another week?” My hair felt fine. Straight. New growth barely speaking … Continue reading

Relaxer Day

      So, last week I was a bit under the weather on painkillers. Im better, but please believe I am a few post behind where I need to be. Im back. So, by Saturday, I felt better enough to wash my hair. It was such a catastrophe that I would have had to … Continue reading

Relaxer Day

After 13.5 (13 weeks and 4 days to be exact) I finally relaxed. First, let’s start with prep: I prefer to use Crisco over Vaseline because it takes forever to wash off. Seems disgusting, but it works wonders. Also, my Husband uses it for making his fondant cakes, so there is always some around. So … Continue reading

Relaxer Day

Relaxer day!!!! Be cautioned, this is lengthy. I also recorded this, so I hope to post a video soon. I really wanted to hold off, but its too hot and it was becoming a trial putting my hair in a simple ponytail. I had this bad hump on the top that only pins could hold … Continue reading

Relaxer and Wash Day

So I finally ended my relaxer stretch after 11 weeks. I wanted to wait 12 weeks, but current events stopped that from happening. So my friend came over and helped me out. I’m pretty tired of relaxing my hair myself and when I do, the back always gets processed first leaving it straighter than the … Continue reading

Relaxer Day

Relaxer day soon come. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ended an 11 week stretch. My main problem lately has been shedding (the enemy) and not breakage. Being that I have controlled the shedding, but still have a ways to go to get it to where it was before, I just have to live … Continue reading


Ha!!! So the thing about prepoos is that they vary in style. It’s always done in dry hair, but people have so many different ways of doing it. I like using conditioners, but that’s mostly good if Im going heavy on proteins or when the weather is super harsh. I prefer oils because my hair … Continue reading