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Random Nothings About… Hair

So, I recently relaxed and for once, I am not thinking about it. Im still being lazy with my hair though. Left it wrapped for 2 days and only wore it in a bun to remind myself something is there. My mother sent this picture to me last night. As a child I had too … Continue reading

Random Nothings About… Hair and Skin

My friend is looking (think Halloween Michael Myers looking ) for me to help her with a regimen. Since I’m a PJ I’m trying to get her out to the Bronx from Brooklyn to get her to sample my stash. If you don’t live in NYC that could possibly sound easier than it really is … Continue reading

Random Nothing’s About Hair

My friend made a comment one day. She said “I know he had a Spanish girl in his car because it was a long strand of hair and when I pulled it, it didn’t break. You know black hair is mad weak and break if you look at it!” I told her I didn’t agree … Continue reading

YouTube Video

My bun tutorial is finally in YouTube. A second bun tutorial, my twist out tutorial and my roller set will come soon. Here is the link:

Random Nothing’s About Hair

Really contemplating coloring my hair. I’ve been wanting something different for a while. The only thing that holds me back are relaxers. Not in a bad way though. While I refuse to give up the creamy crack, I have dedicated myself to having healthy hair. Because relaxing is hard enough on my hair, I know … Continue reading

Random Nothing’s About… Hair

I want to flat iron my hair one of these days. I new a heat protectant that is best for hot tools. Right now, I’m crushing on Redken Smooth Down and Nexxus Heat Protect. Bought a new shampoo. Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. I found it for $2.99, which I don’t think is sold that … Continue reading