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What It Takes To Start A Hair Journey

As I was talking to my friend last night, she confessed two things to me: she has no regimen yet and she hasn’t trimmed her hair since her last salon visit. She started her journey a few months ago and I have been helping her. I remember when I started blogging, it was because while … Continue reading

Hair Rules!!! Part Two

As someone previously stated, there are no rules, just guidelines. This is exactly true, they are guidelines, but somewhere along the line, they became things we are supposed to follow and that’s where alot of confusion began. This post will focus on methods and techniques. Lets Go! Air drying versus heat treating: When I started … Continue reading

What’s The Big Deal About Protein?

These are my HG’s right here. My arsenal that battles the everyday hair struggle. Back when I started my journey, I had moisture overload. I really didn’t know where to turn but because I was so familiar with Nexxus, I turned to them. Then I started reading up all things protein, but when I visited … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Ceramides

As I sip on my Starbucks Iced Clover Coffee and inhale my Chocolate Brioche from one of my favorite bakeries, killing time before I hit up the Banana Republic 4th of July sale, I pass Trader Joes and remember “Oh Shoot, I need Rice Bran Oil!” And that’s how this post begins… What are Ceramides? … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Carboxylic Acid

Thanks to the busy brains over at LHCF, a thread was started on “List Your Favorite Ingredients”. Someone mentioned Carboxylic Acid, and I suddenly though I was back in organic chemistry. I hear “Carboxylic Acid” and I remember LEO says GER and remember the conversion of a carbohydrate to an alcohol. I really blanked out … Continue reading

Vitamins: Why You Do[nt] Need Them…

So while I was taking my fiancé to GNC for vitamins, I remembered to refill my prescription for my vitamins at the pharmacy. Usually when I’m in GNC I look at their EO’s they have on sale. Then, my fiancé asked me if he could buy the expensive vitamins locked behind the glass and I … Continue reading

Hair Typing

So often, I come across forums and blogs where people realize things do not work for themselves that work for others and their defense is that it worked for someone else with 4B hair, but not for their 4B hair. Now, I make it no secret that I do not believe in the Andre Walker … Continue reading

Lets Face Facts! Hairloss

So I have been reading Shamboosie (hope I spelled that right) and while I am being refreshed on so many things I already know, I want to talk about hair loss. So often we here that women give a reason for ceasing to relax because of hair loss due to relaxers. That when you relax, … Continue reading