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How’d I Get Here? 

My hair is wet in all photos.  These are basically my big chop pictures versus the current state of my hair. I BCed at 33 months or almost 3 years. Was my transition hard? No. Mostly because I was texlaxed. Did I love my hair when I BCed? No. Even when my hair was relaxed, … Continue reading

Using Up Your Stash: Yay or Nay?

So, I was talking to my cousin a few days ago and her hair problems and concerns are the same as many people I have spoken to over the past few months. Many I know want to do good styles AND take very good of their hair, but the PJ life caught up to them … Continue reading

What Happened?

Was I had a little baby and got lazy…. A lot of things changed with my regimen which I will be correcting. I cannot blame relaxing because I actually did that less. But there are some things I slacked on this past year which I plan to rectify immediately. I can’t blame crown breakage, as … Continue reading

Products, Antepartum and Postpartum

Before I found out I was pregnant, I got myself ready a year early to know what to and not to do during pregnancy. Little did I know that there was more to life than face products and essential oils. First trimester- major development (most crucial trimester) 13.3 weeks Second trimester- systems begin functioning 13.3 … Continue reading

Playing With Scissors

So here are three pairs of scissors that I have in my arsenal. In the wonderful and ever so stressful world of hair care, there is a task that we must all accept needs to be done and that’s trimming our tresses. No one likes it, but it does a world of good. No, cutting … Continue reading

Things I Learned From Dominican Salons

Trust when I say you couldn’t get me at one time to not swear by a Dominican salon. In New York where they are literally a dime a dozen (I have 7 within a 10 minute walk radius) that’s all there is and that’s all most know. Meanwhile only two black stylist within that radius. … Continue reading

Black Beauty: Who Is Really To Blame?

I make it no secret that I love straight hair and my goal is WL hair. But I’m also loving my textured hair, which is more textured than pictures show despite still being relaxed. Over the past 5 years, I have watched black women move from relaxers and embrace natural hair. I have also learned … Continue reading

Intervention for the Product Junkie

At this point I’m done with myself!!!! I stopped product purchasing for a while and I’ve still been pretty good, only really purchasing once a month, but at this point, I want it to be 3-4 times a year unless necessary. Necessary being shampoo. I still have a moderate stash of conditioners which only include … Continue reading

10 Of The Biggest Hair Mistakes

According to Women’s Health, there are 10 big hair nono’s. Black hair, IMO, is outside of the norms of most hair articles when they are not targeted towards black hair specifically, so sometimes, with these articles, I take em with a grain of salt. Let’s talk about this. 1. Not Brushing Before Washing Hair gets … Continue reading