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Knowing Your Ingredients: Hydroxy Acids

What are Hydroxy Acids? I mean, they are everywhere these days. Don’t be scurred, they are a lot more beneficial then they will lead you to believe. Hydroxy acids are naturally occurring (well, at least they should be) acids that are found in everyday foods you may eat. Acids are basically sugars that are oxidized. … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Salt

Salt. Good ole salt. Have you tried it in your conditioner? Well if you haven’t, j don’t suggest you run out and try it just yet. There are different kinds of salt as table salt is the only one most know. Now, in this house, we bake with table salt, cook with kosher or sea … Continue reading

Requested: Updated Regimen

So, I got a request a while back about updated my regimen, but at the time I had just found out I was pregnant, so I didn’t want to write a post on a regimen I knew would change. Prior, I would: Wash Coffee rinse Condition (with heat) Roller set or Air dry Monthly I … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Dew Points

Okay, I lied. Dew Point is not an ingredient. Dew Point is the temperature in which water vapor at constant pressure condenses into liquid at the same rate it evaporates. What???  Specifically, it is the water-to-air saturation temperature, the condensate forms “dew” and this is associated with relative humidity. Humidity, as most of us know, … Continue reading

Coffee-tea Rinsing

So, a couple nights ago I posted this picture on IG: I was texting my coworker because I told her MONTHS ago that nettle tea nah work fuh mi and she said she likes it. I told her she can have them, but I always forget and we only see each other 1 day a … Continue reading

Playing With Ceramides

So, a few months back I wrote a post about ceramides in terms of what they are, why they do an how your hair benefits from it. To recap, ceramides are found in a layer of the hair cells that has adhesive properties and keeps your hair together rather than strong, distinguishing it from actual … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: DMDM Hydantoin

What is DMDM Hydantoin? Its primary function is as a microbial preservative. What’s the Big Friggin Deal? On the low-low, it is actually a formaldehyde releaser because it can actually be contaminated with carcinogenic formaldehyde. For those of you who don’t know, or maybe you do, formaldehyde is a chemical used to embalm bodies. Think about … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Ceramides

As I sip on my Starbucks Iced Clover Coffee and inhale my Chocolate Brioche from one of my favorite bakeries, killing time before I hit up the Banana Republic 4th of July sale, I pass Trader Joes and remember “Oh Shoot, I need Rice Bran Oil!” And that’s how this post begins… What are Ceramides? … Continue reading