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Journey To The Center Of YOUR Back

So I was FaceTime-ing my sister on Tuesday. The call came as a surprise because it was 2 in the afternoon and she’s usually at work around that time. Anyway, she starts telling me how she is unhappy with hair and that she’s going to go back natural again, even though she doesn’t want to. … Continue reading

What Happened?

Was I had a little baby and got lazy…. A lot of things changed with my regimen which I will be correcting. I cannot blame relaxing because I actually did that less. But there are some things I slacked on this past year which I plan to rectify immediately. I can’t blame crown breakage, as … Continue reading

Relaxer Stretching (Again): JTTCOMB

In this Journey To The Center Of My Back… I’m almost there, but not without a few lessons. Today’s never ending lesson: Relaxer Stretching- Graduate Edition (because I’ve talked about it so much I feel like I’m not a newbie to it, though at times I still feel like I am). Relaxer stretching isn’t for … Continue reading

Thank You Polar Vortex

So, for any of you in the New England or close area, you are familiar with the polar vortex by now. 5 degrees F at best with a wind chill at least 15-20 degrees below the actual temp. It’s not fun. I went back to elementary school and wore a scarf on my face. See … Continue reading

The “V” Plague

I make it no secret I severely dislike my V. I don’t hate V’s as I see nice ones all the time, but right now, I don’t like it on me. Unfortunately my hair grows in a V naturally. Perhaps if I was TBL where the hair is so long it actually looks nice and … Continue reading