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My Face Regimen: Oh It’s Complicated!

So, the other day at work, while closing someone’s restaurant (don’t ask, please don’t) the owner was mad at me and told me to go to school. I’m used to these kind of comments. Mostly because I don’t look my age. I tell people I’m 25 because that’s the age I found to be the … Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Ceramides

As I sip on my Starbucks Iced Clover Coffee and inhale my Chocolate Brioche from one of my favorite bakeries, killing time before I hit up the Banana Republic 4th of July sale, I pass Trader Joes and remember “Oh Shoot, I need Rice Bran Oil!” And that’s how this post begins… What are Ceramides? … Continue reading

Fresh Skin Care

So I’ve been using these products for a while. Perhaps since December. My skin is severely dry so I am super critical with face products. The reason I started on the line was because like most brands, Philosophy decided they wanted to change formulas on a Sista! Ill talk about them later but for now, … Continue reading