How’d I Get Here? 

My hair is wet in all photos. 
These are basically my big chop pictures versus the current state of my hair. I BCed at 33 months or almost 3 years. Was my transition hard? No. Mostly because I was texlaxed. Did I love my hair when I BCed? No. Even when my hair was relaxed, it was never that short. Did I like my hair (length) and it’s current state? No. But that was the choice I made. Did I force myself to be happy with my chop? No. It knew that it was what it was and I knew I just needed to learn my hair.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been together with my unaltered hair, so I knew it would take some getting use to. It really is not something you get used to in a day. 

I began with assessing my regimen. Could I do the same things I did when relaxed? In the end, I realized yes, but with modifications. 

My first goal was to determine how to best cleanse my hair. I began conditioner cleansing, which I liked, but as the fall set in, it was a no go. Maybe sometimes, but I cannot rely on it. Between build up and frequency, it was entirely too time consuming. I then switched to clay. I will admit, I liked it a lot, still do, but I learned nothing replaces shampoo for me and clay is a better alternative for conditioner cleansing for me. Kaolin being my best alternative as it’s light, effective and conditioning. My best discovery with cleansing was finally being able to successfully use sulphate free poos. I could never use them relaxed, but I can use them now. They still leave build up, but they are still more successful now My second best discovery is that I can clarify more frequently without stripping my hair and having to run for protein every time. I can clarify every 3-4 weeks but use protein every 8 weeks. I wash weekly. 

The only thing that has changed for me in the  conditioner department is that anything that was too moisturizing when I was relaxed is great now. I’ve even revisited conditioners that were meh when I was relaxed and they work better. 

Texlaxed, I detangled when I applied my leave ins. These days, I need to detangle as I rinse out my DC. No exceptions. No combs. It is the easiest, stress-free and least hair fall way to detangle. This has by far reduced my tangles and SSKs to almost none. 

One part of my regimen I was strict to texlaxed was the LCO method. At some point, oil began being a no go for my hair, leaving it hard, so I switched to LCB method. This worked really well during all seasons. Sorry, but while I can alternate between Leave Ins seasonally, cream and butter usage are consistent. The only successful oil these days is Haitian Black Castor Oil and that’s it. Very softening and a little goes a very long way. 

Otherwise, it’s just dookie twist and air drying. Then back to buns or pulling my hair back. That is something that has not changed. 

That’s all for now. I’ll need to eventually update other information on here, as all of it is no longer relevant. Eventually. 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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