Product Review: Slap Cap

Finally. A beloved review of my Slap Cap. I was reminded to do this. 

So, I bought this as I’m in Facebook group and the Admin posted the link as the caps were on sale. I bought one, just to test it out and it led to me buying three more. 

There isn’t much to review but I’ll speak of why I bought it:

-Black Owned company

-Satin Lined Cap (hello)

-Great for protective styling and cooler days 

-I did not feel like making my own 

Now, I know people who make their own. I know someone who bought a cap and lost it and she said this is why she can’t have nice things. She said at this point she would make her own. If I had her experience, I would make mine too. 

So far, I like it. Now, the lining is attached, but especially on wash days, if the lining gets wet, you can pull the lining out (it’s still attached but just at the rim) and it can dry without smelling bad. I haven’t had dry hair after using it and the different colors make it stylish.

Not as stylish as my friends Formation hat but it works. 

I haven’t tested it yet, but it’s definitely machine washable. As a general rule to save money and keep my garments longer, I never dry “outside” clothes on hot/high heat; warm/medium heat only. I’ve noticed i can keep garments for 2-5 years longer this way. 

Considering I have a lot of hair, it does a good job at hiding all of it and staying in place. It is also versatile in how you can wear it, as I learned on the website via other stylers IG pages. 

My only cons are the tag in the front (removed from my cap) because it itches, the style of the hat is a bit boyish (I’m a tomboy at heart though) and it’s a tad pricey. 

One cap can set you back $30. New buyers can get 10-15% off. Wait for a sale and it’s roughly 20-30% off. A good sale, you can get B2G1 free and when your on the mailing list they often send 10-15% off coupons which you can combine with that sale and 2 Slaps qualify for free shipping. One cap cost me $3.50 to ship. 

Coupons and sales come often. 

All in all, I would recommend. 

Do you have a Slap? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

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