Product Review: Sarenzo Hair Jelly

I’m always looking for a decent hold product for my wash and go puff. I’ve been looking for something that leaves definition but not hard hold. Shea Moisture Gel Cream was good but the Peace Rose Oil has such a strong, harsh smell, I didn’t bother after the second time. 

I purchased this, just to try. The texture is like flaxseed gel but a bit more easier to work with. It even looks the same color. Caramel Apple is just the scent I chose. It goes on well and while you don’t need a lot, like most holding products, more is usually enough. 

For wash and go, I cleanse but smoothing my hair down. Then rinse. Then apply conditioner down my hair. Then rinse. Then apply leave in followed by the hair Jelly down my hair. This helps to get rid of shed hairs easier and Detangling is easier. The process takes roughly 30 minutes and i do it all in the shower. I have three pictures of my hair wet and then the next day of my puff. 

My puff actually last 2 days (I didn’t bother with a 3rd because I’m still new to this) but I loved the results. 

In the end, I would recommend this product. Especially for my Low Porosity Ladies who struggle like me with aloe, glycerin and Shea butter, all the cons of Shea Butter.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


One thought on “Product Review: Sarenzo Hair Jelly

  1. I love your texture! It looks a lot like mine. I will be adding this gel to my Sarenzo BF cart. I am looking for a gel for my rod sets and this seems like it will work well. Great review!

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