Product Review/Comparison: Camille Rose Naturals Cleansing Rinse and DevaCurl Low-Poo

Camille Rose Naturals Cleansing Rinse

Cost: $13.99

Pros: An SLS-free poo that is very cleansing and not too stripping. Leaves me with nice slip and clean hair. Normally, opaque and non clear shampoos do not work for me but this one does. It claims that as you use it will help with the health of your hair and I noticed over time, my curls did look better. I also noticed that I do not need to clarify as often when using this, and it doesn’t strip my hair of valuable protein. Last, you really don’t need a lot. The bottle pictured below I have had for over 2 months and it comes in a pump bottle. 

Tip: Like a clarifier, when I washed, I would leave it on until I washed my whole head (I wash in sections) and I think that makes a difference. 

Cons: the name. Cleansing Rinse really doesn’t indicate it’s a shampoo and with some cowashers with cleansing agents, it’s really deceiving as to what it is until you use it. 

DevaCurl Low-Poo

Cost: $17.99

Pros: VERY low lather, so it is great for low porosity heads such as myself who would like the option to cleanse multiple times but cannot use a cleansing conditioner or cowash. I like the smell and consistency and the fact that it is a clear shampoo. My hair doesn’t feel stripped after using but doesn’t feel coated either. Feels just right. Washing with it once a week would be fine. Last, I find that you don’t need to let this sit as its low lather so, it ain’t doing much. 

Cons: How much you need will vary. Initially, I was using just enough, then I figured, why not use a little more. Using just enough doesn’t give you good slip. You don’t have to use a ton, but using just enough will not work. Now, I find it to be good, literally, just what I need. However, as a transitioner with very minimal ends left, it is not kind to relaxed, texlaxed hair. It tangles it quite a bit. My natural hair loves it but the ends get no love. Dries them out too. 

Comparison: This is a tough one. 

Price wise, I would go with CRN. And it has a pump. Y’all don’t understand: I love pump bottles. It is also a good bang for your buck. Long-term, I would go with DC. Now, I’ve used it quite a few times (4 to be exact because I’ve had to wash a bit due to dryness because of the heat wave and air conditioning) but I can see it lasting just as long if I washed with it only 1x a week. DC also comes in a 1L bottle that would last me roughly 6months to 1year if I washed 1x a week. 

I also can’t see using CRN more than 1x a week because I feel it might be too much. As my regimen changes with the seasons, I can see myself depending on DC during the summer and winter (dryer months) and the CRN during the spring and fall (wetter months) because washing would vary. 

For those that cannot rely on conditioner washing, I would go with DevaCurl. For those who would just like a shampoo option, I would go with Camille Rose Naturals. 

In the end, I’m a Product Junkie with a Level of Expert and when you reach my level, you quickly learn you never lose when you have a back-up.

What’s your experience with these products?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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