First Impressions: SheScentIt Peach Super Moisture and Honey Moisture Conditioners 

Sugar Peach

So I used it as a deep conditioner. Perhaps that was my mistake. It went on well because it has a liquid-to-creamy consistency and has great slip for detangling. It did not moisturize as well as I would have liked because while my wash days are usually Sunday, my hair was dry by Thursday. I don’t cowash, but I feel if I did, it would be perfect for it. Would I recommend it for cowashing? No. Why? Because that’s a lot of money and empty promises for a cowash conditioner. 

Honey Moisure

I used this as a deep conditioner. This is just a liquid to barely creamy consistency. When I realized it was all slip, I used my Bekura YAM conditioner on top of it. YAM is a honey based conditioner, where honey is used in lieu of water. The fact that I had to use something on top of it says a lot. A lot meaning not a repurchase. I used half a bottle in one session, which is extremely disappointing. 

I can’t recommend these products. I have one more product to try and review and if the third is a bust, I will not revisit this company. It’s really sad because I loved their Okra Recomstructor but I can’t use those anymore and so my likes versus dislikes starts to read like a tight game of spades. 

Womps to me. 

Have you tried these products? Am I bugging? And I not using correctly or are you using it better? Help a sista out!

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: SheScentIt Peach Super Moisture and Honey Moisture Conditioners 

  1. Girl, I ain’t a fan either. The sugar peach works better as a leave in but it doesn’t wow me enough to repurchase. The honey conditioner was just ok, nothing earth shattering. I just prepoo with it or use it as a rinse out to use it up. Not a repurchase!

    I haven’t had much luck with Shescentit’s DCs but her rinse outs are stellar and her coco creme leave in is bae. I also ADORE the okra Reconstructor. I actually picked that up after you raved about it and I have been loving it ever since.

    • I wanted to wait to see if SSI has a 4th sale but the shipping isn’t worth the sale. I definitely wanted to restock. Maybe I’ll just purchase 2 and it will be worth it. Lol

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