Wash Day

Good ole wash day. I made some Breakfast Blend in my French press. All for it to fall in the tub, so I only caught maybe 8oz that didn’t fall out. I cried real tears because I love me a coffee rinse.  
  I started with washing with Camille Rose Cleansing Rinse. I need to review this soon. So far it’s ok. I like it, it’s a no-poo poo, gentle and effective. 
Next I tried to savage my pittance of a rinse. Got enough at least for my scalp. 

Deep conditioned with the last of my Annabelles Perfect Blends Ultra Conditioning Soufflé. That stuff is bae. Definitely want to get a few more. Not sure if I ever did a review but I definitely will if I haven’t. I used my gold conditioning cap and left it on for roughly 4 hours. 

Yummy soft hair. 

Used my turbo twist towel but my hair was still pretty soaking wet. Kept it on for 45 minutes. 

It doesn’t exactly look wet in the pictures, but it was very wet. I’m still tempted to cut but I’m going to wait for a straightening wash day for that. Well, at least the ends 😒. 

I did my usual twist just to get my hair to stretch. Used Camille Rose Jai Almond Butter and sealed with Keravada Rosemary and Hibiscus Oil. I did have soft hair, can’t even lie. Next time, I will use a leave in beneath the butter. 
Below is a picture of my bun, but this is a picture I posted today and got so many compliments, I just decided to post it here. 

My hair is shrinking more and more. I don’t mind the buns. I will keep them up for a while. I haven’t really worn buns in so long that I forgot what they felt like. 

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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