Using Up Your Stash: Yay or Nay?

So, I was talking to my cousin a few days ago and her hair problems and concerns are the same as many people I have spoken to over the past few months. Many I know want to do good styles AND take very good of their hair, but the PJ life caught up to them and now they are using up their stash. 

Now, I never recommend using up your stash. Why? Because sometimes its more harmful than good. I understand why people do it, it’s money down the drain when you trash it, but is it really money down the drain?

At some point, you learn what works and what doesn’t, but for some, using up a large stash may hinder this. You use these products, even knowing the ingredients may not be agreeable with your hair, just to use them, but sometimes this causes a setback. We know how hard setbacks can be. You use products that are drying or not agreeable to the current weather, not understanding why, then feel your hair is at fault. You don’t even realize it’s the products. You may also find yourself just using more of the product and using it more often, just to get rid of it. I’ve done it lol. Many times. 

It’s ok to be a junkie, but when your time is up and rehab sets in, sometimes, it’s best to leave the old life completely behind. Being a junkie gives you the opportunity to seeks out new products, brands, ingredients and even friends. You get to learn about your hair and it’s capabilities, but when something doesn’t work, why keep bothering?  

As my hair starting growing and transitioning more, I was using my Millcreek Botanicals Keratin Conditioner. Love that stuff. It’s great! My natural hair did not take to it but I refused to buy something else until that was done. I had two bottles! After I finished one bottle, I gave the other away. My hair would be too hard after using it and it just wouldn’t budge. I finally realized it wasn’t worth it. Did the same thing with my Joico Moisture Recovery Balm and it just didn’t work. I can’t remember what was the last straw, but I used something and my hair was so dry I just threw up the dueces to so many hair products. 

Luckily, my conditioners are pretty ok, but the ones I knew wouldn’t agree, I just gave away. Styling products that failed me once; gave away. I’d have rathered givens  away $100’s of dollars worth of products before I had another set back. My set back is a big reason as to why I’m transitioning now (my crown broke really bad, it was in pieces, so I began processing my hair less and less to strengthen breakage in that area…. Less processed led to more manageable hair which is how my transition was so easy). Not every setback is that fortunate.   

Products that I have given away have helped others. Honestly, I don’t like giving my stuff away, but if it don’t work, I just can’t. Too scared of another setback. Also, it allows me to catch up on the things I like, instead of harboring onto the things I don’t. 

Now, I’m not saying throw your stuff out. Just analyze what your doing and if it’s worth it. If you were a junkie buying products that won’t cause a setback, hey, why not. If the styles are not lasting, your hair is dry, sticky, waxy, and your not seeing results, you may not need to use that product after all. 


One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


3 thoughts on “Using Up Your Stash: Yay or Nay?

  1. I totally agree with you. The reason that I have products collecting dust is because they don’t work for my hair. I refuse to use them just for the sake of using up my stash. I know it’s like throwing away money by giving them to someone else or tossing them. I prefer to do that than suffer a setback.

  2. Great tip! I am a recovering product junkie myself. 🙂 Here lately I have been giving away products that are good but not my favorites. This also helps someone else get a jump start on their hair journey. For some shampoos and conditioners, I can add carrier oils to the bottle and sometimes my hair ends up liking that better.

  3. Girl you are PREACHING!!! I spent an entire year trying to use up my stash and I was able to pare it down by at least half. Then one day I just looked at my stuff and started throwing stuff out. If I hadn’t used it in an entire year then there was no chance that I was going to use it again. It hurts my pockets to just throw things out but my hair is worth more to me on my head at this point. LOL!

    KLP @

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