Shea Moisture Product Reviews

Yes, reviews. I’m not posting ingredients, uses, instructions, blah blah, because Shea Moisture is not hard to find for you to not check it out. Everyone knows about Shea Moisture. 

Here we go:

Shea Moisture JBCO Leave In Conditoner:

I like it. I won’t lie. It’s nice, smooth, absorbs well and you can see by the consistency, runny. I have the jar tilted btw. I used it for a while to twist out and you don’t need a lot, so a little goes a long way. Didn’t leave my hair heavy, my hair didn’t need moisturizing for a week and my twist out was nice. 

My only complaint was I had to use the 2-day twist out rule when using this because my hair would need two days to airdry with this product. Otherwise, I have no real complaints. Not sure if I will repurchase but I probably will. 

Shea Moisture C&H Curl Enhancing Smoothie: 

Don’t care for it. It’s made for thick hair. Now it’s not runny, which is good, but somehow, that’s a lie. It’s really heavy and weighed my hair down. It also caused my hair to dry slow. Also caused build up. Now, the jar looks new, but it’s been used. You don’t need a lot, but it’s still pretty heavy. I’m gonna play with it, but for now, it’s not a favorite. 

Shea Moisture C&H Curling Gel Soufflé:

The texture is really weird. It’s clumpy, gel-y and slimy. Now, I don’t care for it, but I really want to like it so I’m going to hold off on really saying bye to it right now. When I use it as a gel for bunning, it’s great, but the next day, I get build up in the same area. 

Let me put this right here to show you my twist out when I used the SM C&H products:

My hair was so heavy, I could have worn my hair out, but I’m not that brave. Normally, my twist sit up a bit, but these strictly fell down and they are really wet. I was worried I would have breakage because it was moist for so long, but when I washed, my hair didn’t stretch much. The products have silk protein, so I’m wondering if that made a difference in a) my hair staying so moist and b) my hair not stretching. 

At the same time, the smoothie could be good for when the dew points are really low. But we will see. I can’t deal with wet hair. I can barely deal with wash day. 

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque:

Holy Grail. I tilted the jar. Not super runny, but the texture is thinner that it appears. Now, my scalp isn’t as bad as when I was texlaxed (I really just admitted that 😔) but when it was, this stuff helped a lot. It also left my hair soft and clean. I will never talk bad about this masque. I’ve never tried the shampoo as I feel the shampoos are too harsh for SLS-free poos, but everyone is different. I love black soap, but black soap is very cleaning and healing, so if you don’t have build up or scalp problems, I would not recommend. My scalp still itches because it is really dry, but this I mostly rely on when I have a lot of buildup and don’t want to wash. 

Last one

Shea Moisture C&H Curl and Shine Conditioner: 

I’ll admit, I like the Restorative conditioner better. I couldn’t really comb too much with this. It might be more smoothing than I want to give it credit for. But…. My hair was shiny and I got compliments on my hair. So I’ll keep it for now, but if I find something better, this will be replaced. 

Products that will be up for review:

Stay tuned 🙂

What’s your Shea Moisture experience?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


3 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Product Reviews

  1. I’ve been burnt by Shea Moisture so I’m giving them a wide berth for now. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie didn’t do anything for me, and the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask was worse. I found myself thinking what is this for, what does it do exactly; meanwhile my hair was screaming WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! I’ve wanted to try the Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave in but I’m not that brave. There are so many brands out there I could be trying.

    • I completely understand. I’ve tried the yucca and baobab mask and it was fail. But deep conditioning twice is too much work. I just feel that all your products can’t be mad. Something has to work le sigh. The JBCO is ok, no complaints on this side, but don’t be too generous with it. It would just be nice to have something nice, decently priced and on the ground that I can rely on.

  2. Our hair is so similar. I love the purification mask but once SM changed the formula, the original formula is hard to find.

    I HATE the curl enhancing smoothie. Super heavy and it made my hair greasy even when I used it with a light hand.

    I haven’t tried the soufflé but I don’t think I want to.

    I have heard so many good reviews on the JBCO leave-in. At some point, I want to try it. I was afraid that the protein would make my hair angry, but if you had good results, I’m sure I will too.

    My HGs from the line are the 10-in-1 super fruit mask and the JBCO shampoo. I will be buying the High porosity mask at some point. SM has really stepped their game up over the past couple of years. I used to hate pretty much all of their products.

    Great review post!

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