The Style-to-Product Rabbit Hole

It’s been a long time since I have had one of these without the use of a flat iron or blow dryer. 

So here is how this happened:

I washed and twisted my hair on Sunday. My twist out was blah but I didn’t care about that. I used my usual Kera10 leave in and Design Essentials Naturals Honey. Friday, I went out with my cousins and saw my niece with the cutest bun. So I asked her mom what’d she used and she tells me “water and like 3 different products”. 

So what did I do with my 5-day old twist out? Sprayed some APB leave in, slapped some Shea Moisture Curling Custard (?) and then finished with some Murrays Edge Control. The end result? That bun with soft hair. The nitty gritty: my hair is soft because it’s wet. 

Shea moisture always leaves my hair wet. I just don’t get it. Must be the porosity. And the edge control always flakes. 

So if I continue this during the week, I will have to wash often. Story of my freaking life ugh! Why? Because I will have massive product buildup. I don’t need Ms. Cleo to tell me that. Now here is the problem: I have my products set for my twist outs and flat ironing, but what about buns? I have nothing. And even if I did use the Shea Moisture, I would have to deal with wet-> sticky hair. Gel? Build up. Edge control? Flakes. So I would need to wash a few times a week. I’m not using sulphates more than 1x a week so I will have to cowash. 


Because it’s only logical. 




While I love my Kera10, that’s too expensive for 2 cowashes a week. Insert Kinky Curly Knot Today here for some dookie twist. Shea Moisture is too expensive, wet and sticky to fail me daily. Insert Eco Styler here because it’s actually pretty good gel for the price to size ratio. Wen has always been a bust for me. Insert As I Am Coconut Cowash here. I have heard good reviews on it. I also refuse to try Shea Moisture’s cowash due to every experience I’ve ever had. And my bra straps are lost and headbands are lose. Insert Vidal Sassoon extra long hair ties which I’m sure leav your hair in the nice pulled back puff. 

I don’t like buying new things but I need cheaper, quality products for more frequent use instead of wasting money on higher quality products with more ingredients that simply don’t work on my hair. 

So I’ve come to the conclusion I may need stuff depending on the style, but I’m trying to be logical about it. 

Flat iron: expensive products I am limiting to use 3-4x a year. 

Twist/Braid Out: $10-20 products that I will use every 1-2 weeks. 

Bunning: $3-10 products I can use daily that are still quality but worth the lower price because the ingredients are on the lower scale. In this case, my cowash and leave in should be closer to my upper limit and good in quality and my setting products should be cheaper but effective. 

I wish I had the hair that could use the same products for everything but I don’t. And I don’t like dry hair. 

We will see. 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

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