Henna Day

So, maybe a little over a month ago, I did a rinse with Bigen I believe (you know, with the many things I shouldn’t remember or amazed that I remember, my short term memory has a permanent residence in shitsville). While looking do a rinse, I really wanted Surya henna Creme but that stuff is $13.99 and a sister needs two bottles per application. No! 

So I settled with Bigen but my only issue is that there is an ingredient in it which caused some controversy. Normally, I wouldn’t put too much care in it, but apparently it’s an oxidizer and not that great for the hair, blah blah. I used it though lol, but that’s besides the point. I didn’t want to use Bigen because I remember A) I liked the powder better B) the powder I needed 3 boxes when I was relaxed C) color rinses harden my hair. This is why I initially set out for Surya (the powder at least) but they didn’t have my color. It was too late to order henna unless I waited a week or went to Currytown in the city. Yes, Currytown, where you find stuff you can only buy from vendors online. So I settled with the color rinse, which reacted much differently, and shall I say better, on my natural hair, but I still wanted henna because I would like to reduce protein usage for now. 

So, I finally got some indigo. The issue with indigo, however, is that it’s not that straightforward. Indigo will turn your hair black, but that’s a process. You don’t do that process, you will get brown hair. I don’t want that! Lol. Ok, so I begin:

I started with using henna. This stuff is called Mehendi. It stains the hair red and gives it that bright orange tint. 

I mixed solely with water to make a yogurt like paste. I needed to mix a new batch because what you see did not yield a full application. I normally use buttermilk but I didn’t want to get too cute with it. Who am I kidding, I didn’t want to mess it up.  

I applied it to my week old twist out that was touched by humidity thanks to rain. 

First application. 

I threw a shower cap on and went out like this. The added moisture infused a la baggying really helped. 

Now, while the Mehendi was settling, I mixed my indigo. I bought the indigo on Amazon from The Henna Guys. I use a whole 100g pack (thank goodness I had the good sense to buy 300g). I let it sit for 3 hours. I forgot to put salt, like a pinch, which is supposed to help the color come out more, but I hope to remember next time. 

The powder looks green and mixes green but once it settles and is on your hair, it’s black. 

This is after I rinsed and washed the Mehendi out. I washed it out with Nexxus Youth Renewal. One wash was all. You can see the red tint. Let it towel dry a tad before applying the indigo. 

And here is the indigo. If my wash and go could only look this good. 

Left that in for another 3 hours though you only need 15 minutes. I rinsed it in the shower, then followed up with Conditoner for 10 minutes. I definitely felt an immediate difference with deep conditioning after the henna. 

And here you go! Got a natural black. Haha. 

And my t-shirt I used to dry, showing that there was little to no residue for my collared work shirts lol. 

Just some helpful hints (whether real or just from me):

I’ve read adding salt helps the indigo color to come out more. 

I applied the first step of henna to dry hair. I’ve always done this. 

I prefer to do henna with buttermilk but after actually doing it with water, I noticed softer hair. I’ll probably stick to that. I’ve only done henna was Bigen powder, but with actually henna, never. 

If you have hard water, you may want to be careful. I’ve read that hard water can mess us you henna before it even hits the hair. I guess that’s why a pinch of salt will help with the color. 

Henna should sit on your hair for at least 3 hours. 

When mixing, it should sit at least 12, but I’ve noticed no difference mixing and using right away. 

Now, if you mix the henna and indigo, you will just get a brown color. Doing the 2-step will yield a darker color as the red helps the black to settle in. It’s all up to you and the results you want to achieve. I wanted darker but I’m fine with a natural black look as it’s not too sharp on the features. 

I was initiall going to use natural henna (Cassia obovata) but that’s just a gloss, no color. I could not find anything that recommended it as part of the 2-step process. 

Overall, I’m happy with the process. Any questions? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

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