Wash Day 

Starting with washing. Used Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo. It wasn’t bad, but I definitely prefer Therappe. 

Did a tea tinse (miss these so much) with black tea. 

Deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Shea What Deux. I normally try to use heat, but I just based my 18-month old around the house. I also detangled after applying conditoner. 

Towel dried for roughly 5 minutes and then proceeded to start my twist out. I used my Seamless combs to further detangle and applied KeraVada Kera10 leave in, then Design Essentials Honey Curlforming Custard. See my previous post for my “Fisrt Impression”.   I’m upset that I didn’t take pictures of my twist, but I made them smaller than medium because I’ve noticed that smaller twist last longer than bigger twist in my hair. The size twist I had can definitely be worn outside. Took me 1 hour to get all the twist but it worked out. I calculated 27 twist, if that helps. 

Look how it came out!!!!

I rinsed my hair about a month ago, and normally rinsed barely last a couple washed, but it really seems that one of the many gifts of natural hair is retaining some things, rinse being one. I’m still going to retouch, but next time I’m using henna. I don’t hair for the ingredients in rinses 🙊. 


How was your last wash day? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

3 thoughts on “Wash Day 

  1. What rinse did you use? It looks really soft, pretty, and defined. Never used those products, but looks like it’s working well for your hair.

    I have not been able to master air drying. Almost 16 months post. My relaxed ends hate it and my natural hair clumps together no matter what I try.

    • Rinse: black tea for wash day and Bigen Natural Black about a month ago.
      Thank you!
      My hair works well when I use Liquid, Cream and then Oil or a sealant (in this case the custard). That method keeps my hair pretty well maintained. I also like products that promote less frizz when styling.
      I had trouble with air drying but just kept trying. Initially, I learned that my hair takes long, so I would give styles at least 2 days to dry. I also cut my relaxed ends around my 2 year mark because they weren’t helping. My natural hair used to clump, but it doesn’t if I detangle when washing and while styling. A bit of manipulation but less clumping. Make sure your stretching the hair.

      • I haven’t used black tea in a while but I plan to get back on it. Next time I attempt to air dry, I’ll try that method. Oh wow! So you’re past the 2 year mark already? I can’t wait for this transition to end. I plan to chop sometime within the next year, which will put me at 2 and a half years the least.

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