Wash Day

Finally!!!!! A wash day. I’ve been stretching the wash days because it’s actually been helping with the moisture, but thanks to a couple of 14 degree days, I was paranoid my hair was dried out and decided it was time for a cut anyway. 

Started with Redken Cleansing Cream. Yum! 

Protein conditioned with Nexxus Youth Renewal Step 2. This stuff is basically a protein treatment with pearl, elastin, keratin and wheat proteins. All hydrolyzed of course (of course). My hair felt like a million bucks afterwards. 

Next, I used Keracare Humecto. I hate the glycerin content, but I figured using it under the steamer was ok. My hair felt a little dry after, but as I straightened it, it got better. 

Here is the starting pic from my twist-out    
That’s glamglow flashmud on my face. Your not going crazy. 

I hope in another year, I can master a wash and go. I think I have the hair for it. 

I used CHI Keratin Mist, then followed with Fantasia (the one in the pink bottle) and blew my hair out. I met all those tangled ends I hide from during twist outs, but they were pretty kind. I blew my hair out on high, working from the ends up, then flat ironed 1/4″ sizes at 430 degrees (I know). Only 1 glorious heat pass. I also use the chase method, in which I use a paddle brush in front of the flat iron as I do the heat pass. 

I don’t blow my hair I the point that I smell it burning or it smokes. I blow it enough until I feel it’s straight enough and without having tangles or frizz. Once it smokes or burns, it’s too late. 

This below, it’s what my crow looks like after 4 years. My crown breakage is finally crown repaired 🙂


This was the end result. I’m sorry, my husband was sleep so I couldn’t get a good length check. Sucks to be me. But that V is back. I’m done chasing it. I’m just gonna let it be great.  I’m past bra strap length, so at mid back length, but by Summer’s should be a full mid back length. 

And here’s the low key diva this morning. 

I miss my curls. Is it bad I’m already planning on washing on Sunday? 


How do you use heat?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.  


4 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • Thank you. I know it’s a handle free blower. I believe it’s revlon. I also joined the wash day experience. Thanks for the invite.

  1. Ok Diva!! I see you! Hair is looking amazing and your natural hair is coming in nice and thick! Are you playing it by ear or do you have a BC date in mind?

    • I’m mostly playing it by ear. My only issue is I can’t really wear my hair out when in a twist out but I’m usually not interested anyway. But it may happen in the next year or so.

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