Regimen and Wash Day

So, I’ve been still trying to figure out a good regimen. I’m getting there. 

My sister (YouTube: Inez Moore) has been having breakage issues and we’ve been thinking of a master plan. She suggested that because her hair is so tight, she should blow out her hair to keep it straight and that way she can keep it more moisturized. I didn’t disagree. It’s just a method you have to play with. 

Now my issue is that I don’t mind heat free styling, but t tangles my ends BAD. Even with combing and detangling, it still tangles my ends and leaves me having to pull too much hair. So I’ve been trying to reduce washing to reduce the tangles, but in the end, the damage is done. When my hair is in a twist out, my hair stretches, so moisture retention isn’t a problem. When I blow my hair out, however, my hair holds moisture better, tangles less, but reverts with any kind of moisture. 

My last wash day, I washed with Nexxus Therappe and used my Kindred Butter BACA conditioner. Fine. I blew out my hair using CHI Keratin Mist and Fantasia Hair Straigtening Spray (the pink bottle). Then I did some dookie twist.  

Now, unlike wet twist, these only need a day to set. Yay right? 

But when they come out, it’s just not as exciting. Super soft though, but the twist don’t last as long. A week later: 

I’m resorting to a “flat twist” on each side and pulling up the back. Now, something I’m liking is that I have been playing with how often I wash. Mostly why I’ve been MIA. Trying and trialing. I love my weekly wash days, but biweekly is working for me as well. If I blow out, bi weekly works even better. 

Im really at a catch 22 right now. I don’t want to use heat, but it works well for my ends and isn’t really bothering the quality of my hair. I’ll keep testing and I’ll keep trying. 

As for my sister, I’ll keep updating with that. 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

2 thoughts on “Regimen and Wash Day

  1. I’m 14 months post and I realized that air drying was not really working for my new growth or ends. Since my natural hair is curly/coily it clumps together and shrinks on itself which caused tangles and breakage.

    Now I blow dry using cold air which helps stretch my hair and I’ll do a couple of twists and leave it in for as long as I can. My hair stays moisturized. I was also spritzing my hair before, but don’t anymore because it would cause reversion/tangles.

    • I’m wondering once I am fully transitioned my hair will tangle less. It is only my texlaxed hair that gets tangled, not the natural hair. I’m hoping that will end soon.

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