Product Review: Heat Bonnet Hood Attachment 

Purchased from eBay. Here is the description: 

Brand new hair drying cap. Safe and easy to use. Convenient.

Great for use with curlformers hair curlers (available on my other listing) and deep conditioning hair treatments.

Easy to use:

Put the cap on and use the drawstring to tighten it around your head. 

Attach blow dryer to the elastic end which holds it nicely onto the blow dryer (please note that it does not fit dryers with an opening larger than 2 inches in diameter). Use warm/heat setting for conditioning treatments or a cooler setting for setting curls.

It is made of nylon so it is easy to clean.

My review:

I don’t like this. My experience was terrible and I burned myself several times. I suffered under this bonnet. 

So I used it with conditioner and put a plastic cap on. Then I wrapped a shirt around my ears, nape and forehead. I used my blow dryer on low heat. My head burned a lot. I’m not sure what I didn’t wrong but I just couldn’t sit under it for more than 15 minutes. Once I was done, I went to take my plastic cap off to find it burnt with pieces in my hair. It was very disappointing. My hair also felt as if it was drying versus conditioned. 

I threw the bonnet back in my closet and probably won’t use it again. Probably better to just invest in one of these name brand ones, but I don’t want to put my money in anything else right now. 

Have you tried it? What are your thought? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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