Product Trial and Error

So, my biggest issue has been trying to find products that work for my hair whether I wet or dry (heat) style. I will save heat styling for a separate post, focusing now on wet styling. 

I’m getting there, but it’s taking a lot of work. Let start:  

 Murray’s Edgewax

I have such a hard time with edge control. I’ve tried a lot and they all seem to make my hair look dirty or like I’m clearly using something to control these edges. I feel like the point of an edge control gel is to tame the small, unruly hairs without appearing to do so? My mother gave me one of these and I like it. My only issue is that when your using other products, like when I do twist outs, it can cause the product to turn white, but I’ve only experienced this late in the wash weeks and after I use too much gel. Otherwise, I like it and if you can find it, I recommend trying it. 

Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Ultra Conditioning Soufflé 

This has become my absolute favorite conditioner. It’s just delicious. I bought it because I had a few bucks to spare and I have to keep myself from buying 4 more. Honestly, I would give away all my conditioner just to stock my entire closet full of this. It contains illipe butter and babassu oil and is simply wonderful. I used it under the steamer. Since my mini chop, I’ve been able to use less product, so this is lasting me a while. I used a little on baby boy’s hair and it was sooooooooo soft. Still is. It is really worth the few bucks!


Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Paste 

I’ve posted about this before and I also did my research on it. The key ingredient in this is acacia gum (I typed arabica first… Think I should finish this cup of coffee). Ok, so acacia gum is from Africa and is actually pretty kind to hair. The gum causes the hair to stay wet longer, because it is able to hold moisture in and prevent it from escaping. Ive noticed when I use it, my hair does not need to be re-moisturized during the week. It stays nice and soft and bouncy. When I use it, I make sure my hair is still damp, apply the paste, then moisturizer, then oil. My hair stays on point during the week, with me just needing to retwist only during the week. Does not leave build-up. 

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner 

I’m still in the fence about this. When I use it after a wash day, alone, my hair gets big and frizzy. When I use it with finishing paste, it works nice. When I use it to re-moisturize my hair during the week, but did not initially use it on my wash day, it’s excellent. I’m not sure where to go with this product, but this will probably be the only jar I use. Silk dreams cost a little less, you get a little less, but it works much better. 
Eden Bodyworks All Natural Curl Defining Creme

I used this after a wash day. Let me show you a picture midweek:

Looks nice right. Let’s chat. 

So I originally used it on my wash day, alone. During the week, my hair was iffy, dry and I was just annoyed at it. So Wednesday in the week, I use moisturizer and retwisted my hair. The next morning, this was the result. I think with the creme, I have to use it like a finishing paste because it wasn’t good at moisturizing my hair. The only thing is it would take my hair days to dry. Right now, it takes 2 days for my twists to set and dry. If I use the Eden creme with moisturizer, I would have to start my hair on a Friday night to set my hair for Monday morning. So I gotta like something straight out from the dumpster the entire weekend? No. I’m going to play with it, but I don’t see this being a repurchase or even getting through half a jar. Sucks because I searched hard for this product and really wanted to like it. I love that it doesn’t build-up and I really liked those twist. I just don’t care for the complications inbetween. 

So, for now I’m still looking, but I’m probably going to stay out of ground stores for a while seeing that its just a waste of money.

Any recommendations?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 

2 thoughts on “Product Trial and Error

  1. No recommendations, I’m afraid. I’ve spent the last few months reading ingredient lists and reviews. I’ve even tried a few samples and I’m still on the hunt. I’d just decided to try that Shea Moisture and Eden Bodyworks line but you’ve put me off. The trouble I’m having is less choice in the UK and shea butter and coconut oil in everything. My hair hates those things! I decided to try the John Masters Shine On so I’m glad you had the Garnier in there. I’ve ordered it already lol. A lot of products seem to be emulsified butters and oils only, not formulated for my kinks at all.

  2. “I would give away all my conditioner just to stock my entire closet full of this.” Girl, WHAT?!?!?! I WILL be ordering some for BF (hoping that she has a good sale). You were right about Shea What Deux, so I am trusting you on this one too. I didn’t like the Eden Body works crème either. It left my hair dry. GREAT hold, but my hair was somewhat stiff. Now if you are looking for hold, moisture and shine, try either the Bee Mine Curly Butter or the Camille Rose Coconut Water Style Setter. Hope you and the little one (well, maybe not so little anymore) are well!

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