Revisiting Products 

So with the mini chop came a chance to revisit old products.

My last wash day, I decided that shampooing was just the most and that I wanted to try omitting it again. Still on the fence with that but I tried my Wen again. I simply put enough to coat the hair, scrub as if I’m washing and left it on. Then I followed up with deep conditioning with APB conditioner. My hair came out soft and nice. But I didn’t style, so my hair was a fail with the most difficult bun to date. 
So I went at it again with the Wen and this time I styled it. On a Friday night, I did my 2-strand twist and left my hair like that the entire weekend. The picture below is an example of my twist, but this picture was taken during the week.   

I decided I wanted to try a curling custard because of the holding properties. My previous twist outs weren’t that great because they had no holding power. I was looking for this curling custard from straight from Eden (I hope that’s the name). I always saw it in Duane Reade but when I went in search for it, didn’t find it. Probably wasn’t at the right place to find it and I didn’t want to bother ordering online. So I found an old goodie: Garnier Fructis Finishing Paste in the small green jar. I paired it with Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-in Conditoner. My moisture and hold levels were on point for 7 days. 


The finishing paste is suppose to provide medium hold, but not a hard hold. Not even a crunchy hold. It just holds whatever style you have so that it doesn’t die a slow death over the course of hours and even with high humidity right now, I was not rewarded with big hair. 

My only complaint with the finishing paste is that it allows for longer drying time of my hair, but considering that the paste does help with moisture (thanks to good ole acacia gum which helps to keep moisture in) 
   I didn’t need to use more products during the week. I could twist, leave the twist in for 2 days, as was the advice given to me by another natural, and take them out. They last for 2 days then I re-twist for one night and leave them out or another 2 days. My style lasted 7 days. I clarified after using it, but my wash day will let you know why. 

I will still look for a custard because the finishing paste is a small amount and I have a lot of hair but for now, I am impressed with the finishing paste and how it helped with the Shea Moisture in keeping my hair on point for the week I used it. I didn’t even seal and truly forgot about it. 

I also went back to using my sulfur oil, but between my husband complaining about the smell of my scarf and the oil dripping down my neck despite the fact that I just put drops in my hair….. I don’t want to bother. 

I will keep you updated with any new products but I do have product reviews to write as well. 

Any questions? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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