Mini Chop

So, I decided to mini chop. 


Because I was tired. I didn’t cut all the texlaxed hair, but I got a good amount of my texlaxed hair. I cut because I was tired of having to rely on heat to keep all textures from breaking. Mostly the relaxed ends. Somehow, I needed constant heat and it’s really tiring. 

I knew I was going to have to cut sooner or later, but the urge came and I didn’t care. My last twist out before I cut, which I posted on my last wash day, it was just a pain to twist these thin ends knowing that the twists combined with wet hair was not helping those ends. 

My sister tried to talk me out of cutting, likewise my cousin, but I wasn’t trying to hear it. I remember back to two conversations I had, one with Mia (EnExit) and Adrianne (AgeInATL) and both gave me different advice. The former told me to “just cut it because the textures are a mess and frustrating” while the latter told me to “transition slowly and cut as I go along, it’s hard sometimes to really lose length over health when you worked so hard for it”. So I combined both bits of advice and cut enough to keep some texlaxed hair and have almost, if not APL hair and still have a nice “bob” when my hair is twisted out. I will say, I don’t regret it, though I can’t wait for it to grow back.    
I’m going to join the world of conditioner washing, because poo was drying me out, I’m using my sulfur oil again and will be returning to tea rinsing simply do to its smoothing effects. Last, I’ll probably use up some of my henna, though a good indigo rinse will make me happy. 

Do I feel happy, liberated, like a new woman, new me, ready to convert everyone and abolish the creamy crack lovers? No. I just feel happy I don’t have to use heat anymore. That is all. 

Going to enjoy the new journey; I hope you do too! 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


7 thoughts on “Mini Chop

  1. It’s always best to cut in your own timing. I transitioned for a year and I only cut, when I was good and ready. No regrets 🙂 what co washes do you plan on using?

    • I recently used Wen because I have it sitting in here. It’s just too much shrinkage with it though. I’m still on the market for a good one.

  2. I am also on board with cutting as you go rather than BCing, but whatever works for you. You still have length, so styling shouldn’t be much different.

    • Yeah I think his mini chop was a good in between. I’m not trying to use heat yet, but I might once just to neaten up the ends. We will see.

  3. Girl, where have I been?! This is a HUGE chop but I love it! Your hair will be so much easier to style now! Looking forward to the rest of your transitioning journey!!

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