Wash Day

So I was in Atlanta this weekend and my sister told me she wanted me to do her hair. She had some damage from her Dominican blowout and really wanted me to help her. But on top of that, she wanted me to assess the damage. 

Along with that, I did my hair. Because, well, it was just time. 

I washed with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One because it was easier to travel with. 

I deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Shea What! Deux for 30 minutes with not heat. 




Thee shots are just clean hair, no conditioner. 

So after I did my Celie plaits and called it a night. Kept it in for the Memorial Day and took it out for work.      

Here’s a good texture shot.       And this is what it looked like after taking theist down. I used Tailored Beauty mist as well as their Everything Butter for my twist. The braid out definitely came out tighter, shinier and frizz-free.    

This is hair lost to the cause
   And the final product

For my transition, i think I will stick to braid outs. They are much easier to handle and don’t require as much touch-ups. 

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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