Product Re-review: Joice Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

  I did a review on this conditioner a few months back. To sum up the review, this conditioner was not bad but I always felt after using it as if my hair was coated. That was winter.

This is spring.

I’ve been playing with it, well more like using it, and it’s surprised me. First, my hair feels much more moisturized when using it. Whether I use heat or air dry, my hair feels very soft. Like moisture overload soft, though that’s not the case. I’m still taking precaution though.

I’m not sure if I can complain too much about the coated feeling because while I do feel it, it’s not as intense as the way it felt in the winter. I’m not playing tug of war when putting my finger in hair so I know the coating is there, but really cannot tell. All in all, it does feel softer and I like it better now versus then.

Im not sure if I will repurchase though because my last wash day, I easily used 8 ounces of conditioner. That stuff is too expensive for one wash day. Oy Vey….

For right now, I’m sticking with Keracare and Nexxus as my go to’s since I use less. 

Do you like this conditioner? 

One Day, It Wil Happen

Tasia B. 

3 thoughts on “Product Re-review: Joice Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

  1. I’ve used it twice and I do like it. The coated feeling could be from the protein in it even though it’s not at the top of listed ingredients. You’re right though, it is not cheap. I found some at Marshalls (the one in the squeeze bottle) and when I got home I squeezed all of it out into the jar pump of the near empty one I had.

    It’s funny because I find even with Nexxus and Keracare Humecto, I use a lot of product. My hair drinks products up like nobody’s business though lol, so using little product like some folks doesn’t work for me.

  2. I love the Joico K-Pak line (especially while transitioning) so I picked this up too. Had it for months but haven’t used it yet – seems like many of the reviews are like yours and people feel lukewarm about it. Too expensive to rebuy if your hair doesn’t LOVE it (my two cents) lol! Thanks for sharing…whenever I do try it I’ll be sure to let ya know.

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