Wash day

Me: I need to wash my hair. 

DH: Why? There’s nothing wrong with it. 

Me: It’s dirty and needs to be redone. 

DH: There’s nothing wrong with it. You just did it. 

Me: Like a week ago. I said its dirty. I’m washing my hair tonight while I have the opportunity. 

DH: 😕

I just want to remind everyone that this happens even when I wash after a month. I just can’t win, even when I do. 

So my hair really wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t really holding at this point. 


I decided to give WEN a try after my sister told me how much she likes it. It states to use roughly 30 pumps in long hair but I used 24 on each side.


So I washed with it, left it in for 10 minutes, then rinsed. Those were the instructions. It washed out pretty good…. 


I towel dried for 1 hour in which my hair was still pretty damp. 


I detangled again before doing 8 Dookie braids or Celie plaits and covered with my bonnet. I used PBN Murumuru Moisture Milk and sealed with Keravade Green Tea oil. I also used it on my scalp. It actually left my scalp feeling good as I usually can’t tolerate anything on my scalp. 

Next day hair….

Now, I will keep it 100 with you:

I wasn’t happy with WEN. I’m willing to give it another try but I’m not hopeful with it right now. I’m gonna blame it on Spring. 

In comparison to last wash day, my hair was harder to comb after being towel dried. I really had to put more effort. I’m fine with shrinkage but when it’s too hard to comb, something isn’t totally right. Now according to WEN, I don’t need deep conditioner. Had I used DC I’m sure I wouldn’t have had a problem, but that defeats the purpose of its system. Or their commercials lied. 

So now, here I am, a few days post wash, and I have massive shrinkage. Now, I like the texture. But it’s harder for me to really deal with my hair after wash day with re-braiding. My naturally hair feels really dry and that extends to the length, just not as greatly. While shrinkage is a part of that natural life, from what I’ve learned, greater shrinkage equates to increased dryness. So compared to my last wash day, my hair is technically drier. 

For me, the WEN is a good cowash, but I still need DC. My hair feels slightly stripped as if I used poo. I want to use it a few more times before I fully review, but that’s my initial review. I’ll try it again with DC, but as I’ve said, that defeats the purpose. Everyone uses everything differently though. 

The upside: no frizz 🙂

How was your last wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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