Wash Day

I think it’s been around a month since I washed my hair. I really do not have the time lol. Babies make you reevaluate what’s important. But I will say, nothing better than a clean scalp. It feels liberated, like my brown emojis. 

So, I started with clarifying with Redken Cleansing Creme. I actually had to wash, rinse, repeat and let the poo sit because that’s how dirty my hair was. Disgusting. It did not suds on the first lather. At all. 

Next, I did a protein treatment with Nexxus Keraphix. After trying so many protein treatments, nothing can really compare to Nexxus. Guess I need to do a review. 

Next, I deep conditioned with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Blueberry Cheesecake deep conditioner for 10 minutes. I did not use heat and it was still pretty good. When I rinsed, my comb went through a bit too easy. 

I wrapped my hair in a towel for about 1.5 hours (please do try that at home) mostly because, you know, babies make you reevaluate what’s important. My hair was still pretty wet when I removed, so I didn’t need a sprtizer. I detangled with medium tooth comb starting from the bottom up. I used Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter after, braided, then rubbed down the braid with Keravada oil. I did 8 dookie braid or Celie plaits, 


The final do…..





I really liked it out, but I ain’t that brave anymore. I really like the results and I’m surprised that after just combing, no knots or tangles. My only issue is moisture. My hair is soft, but thanks to porosity, it just feels unseasonably hard. I’m sure some heat deep conditioning will help but not sure when that will happen. Or it could just have been this weeks conditioner. APB treats me well during the harder months. Back to Nexxus I go. 

Now, back to watching “The Wire” and trying to convince DH that “Grimm” will get better. 

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 



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