Not My Wash Day

My wash day was eons ago. I’ve given up on them for a while. Lately, I crash on my couch with my son in my arms. I’m up at 5:45am so I have to be sleep before 10pm. It’s hard out there for a new mom. DH helps, but due to differences in time we go to work (he works earlier than me; he leaves when I’m waking up), it’s just easier for us with me doing the hard work. Hopefully, things will get better when he’s one. 


So this wash day, my goddaughter wanted her hair straight for pictures. My cousin asked me for salon recommendations, but as much as I love the lady that irons my hair, I wouldn’t recommend her for a child. And not with her curl pattern either. 

So we begin. 

Wash with nexxus therappe. 

Condition with Joico Recovery Balm. Detangled with wide tooth comb then rinsed. 

Sprayed hair with Inphenom treatment mist. 

Sectioned the hair and sprayed IC Fantasia hear protectant in the pink bottle. Blew out each section on high (yes high) starting from the bottom and working my way to the scalp. I didn’t over blow, just enough to get it straight. 

Then, I ironed each section. With her mothers approval, we did roughy 370 degrees and I used the chase method, using a fine tooth comb on in front of the flat iron the straighten the hair more. 

After, I just curled the hair with the iron after all he hair cooled. 

  And here is the end result. Took roughly 2 hours but this child had me listening to BBHMM, Lifestyle (Tracy Ellis Ross is the only reason I understand this song) and Trap Queen, and since I like (psych, love) ratchet music (shhhhh….. Don’t tell anyone) I had a good time.  

My cousin and I reminisced back to out hot comb days every time she complained the iron was too hot. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it was funny today. 

Do you remember your hot comb experience? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


6 thoughts on “Not My Wash Day

  1. Her and hair look beautiful. You did a great job! I have the Fantasia IC heat protectant but I haven’t used it yet. I love that her hair looks shiny and healthy.

  2. I love her coils and curls! You did a wonderful job getting it straight. I am taking notes when it is time for me to straighten. Great job Tasia!

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