Wash Day

As I often tell my friends, I’m such a sad heaux. I haven’t seen a wash day in 3 weeks. Babies make it so hard. So me and my struggle bun were doing just that, and every time I scratched my head, “stuff” flew out. 


I finally found a moment, because that’s the only time to get things done, and I washed it. 26 weeks post! I cannot believe it! I really can’t tell my texlaxed hair from my new growth though. 

Started with Redken Cleansing Creme and I left it on my hair for a few minutes. It needed it. I also comb the shampoo through (don’t judge). 

I followed up with Millcreek Botanicals Keratin Conditioner for 3 minutes. 

After, I used Nexxus Humectress for 30 minutes without heat. 

I would like to remind you *myself really* that my hair is wet in all these pictures. Like 🎶drip drip drip🎶 wet. 

In blow dried, using IC Fantasia Heat Straightening Spray. After, I blow dried just to stretch it and make it manageable and did 9 two strand twist with Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter and sealed with KeraVada oil.  

The end result: 

Beautiful, fluffy hair. It was stretched, soft, manageable and not weighed down. Thanks to this hairstyle, I found out a girl at my job is actually natural and just wears her hair straight. We began exchanging information. 

The only thing I didn’t like about this style was that it wasn’t without frizz and nothing could keep it down. I think next wash day, I will experiment with Joico Recovery Balm again as it may be a better spring conditioner than winter. 

I know these wash days are far in between, but like my workout equipment, I promise to make it better soon. 

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


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