Wash Day

So I purchased a new blow dryer at my sisters recommendation which will be a separate post. I was dying to try it out though. 

Started my wash day with Nexxus Therappe shampoo. One lather. 

Next, I deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion. I use an entire 8oz jar. I tried to be tried. Tried being the failing action word. I just have too much hair. Creamy conditioner I love, but watery type conditioners (that stretch more) seem to be more ideal for my hair. I sat under the hooded dryer for 10 minutes. For once, after using this my hair was actually a little hard. My hair used to be soft after this but more texture changes that affect. During this time, I was FaceTime-ing my mother and sister. My sister wants to cut her hair after her wedding this summer and my mother wants to cut here now (I told them not to mess with them texture softeners). I told them they were crazy. My mother told me everyone can’t be fortunate to have a lot of hair as me; that I have nice hair. I told her I don’t see that as a compliment; my hair is a lot of work, my hair is “regla” and she should know. My sister told her no one has good hair. Im going to stop there lol. 

*My beautiful friend bought me a jar of Bekura Vanilla Whisky Soak (I really forget the name). It’s the protein one. I refuse to open it even more now. REFUSE! Besides the price and beautiful packaging, I’m scared of using a whole jar on my head and liking. It is currently adding to feng shui of my bathroom!*

Last, I put some Nexxus Humectress in and left it on my head for 5 minutes. I debated sitting under the dryer and am glad I didn’t. 

I put a towel on my head for about 45 minutes then went to blow my hair out. My hair was really soft. Like scared to touch it soft. It was not like that prior to using the nexxus after rinsing the Silk Dreams. This is the exact reason why I don’t really like using heat with nexxus. Had I sat under that dryer I would have been in trouble. 

I sprayed some Inphenom mist and used IC heat straightening spray. I used my blower on low. 

This is my new blower

After my hair was dry:

My hair stretched well and is very soft. This was so easy, as much as I hate to admit, I really liked how easy this wash day was. Blowing out took less than 30 minutes. 

I blew dry by starting with ends the first then worked my way up. It’s not uber stretched, but compared to rollersetting…. Ionno lol. Anyway, it might be a couple weeks before I wash again but I’m not for the direct heat used weekly. Even with a heat protectant. 

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B. 


15 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Your hair looks soft and fluffy. We are <<here<<< about that 8oz. I usually get one or 2 uses out of them. Sounds like something my mom would say to me, except she knows how difficult this hair can be first hand. That's the same dryer I have and used for my wash yesterday before flat ironing to trim.

    I didn't use the comb attachment though, it took me over an hour to blow dry.

      • Girl, I ended up burning my scalp trying to get straight to the roots to straighten it smh. I had to do more than 3 passes on some parts of my hair because it just won’t get straight… It’s already reverted actually *fist pumps at hair*

        Good news is I believe I did reach WL but the ends have been irking me so I trimmed more off..so I’m back to MBL again.

      • Have you tried using another heat protectant? I noticed that with chi I would need several heat passes buy with IC I only needed one.

      • I’ve seen some of the IC products at Walgreens but wasn’t sure which one would be better. Which one do you have?

  2. Okay, you make me really want to try the Nexxus now. Is it the one in the bottle or the tub?

    As my hair grows I’m finding I have a lot of hair. If I do a clay rinse I find it compacts my hair and I use less conditioner. Way less conditioner. My hair is compacted and clumped but it’s still full, if that makes any sense.

  3. I have that same blow dryer, and I love it. I saw Nexxus conditioners at Marshalls today. Do you use the Nexxus Humctress in the bottle with the black top?

  4. Tasia,
    I know you’ve recently had a baby boy! Congratulations! I also just had a baby girl in November and am starting to experience shedding, and feel like my edges are disappearing. Have you dealt with postpartum shedding? If so what have you done to combat it or what do you recommend? Also how do you do your hair for bed? I’m currency cross wrapping, that shouldn’t contribute to my edges?

    • Thank you and congrats to you. Children are such blessings!

      My edges did come out quite a bit. Not bad, but enough that IMO it’s noticeable that they grew back. I used some castor oil at least 2x a week to try to at least thicken them up. I also used coconut oil and that helped. While I was eager to get them back, I didn’t bother them too much either. Overnight they seemed to have grown back.

  5. Girl! When you try that Vanilla Whiskey, you will be hooked. I STILL love it and it is the only protein DC in my stash. I will say that a little defiintely goes a long way, so you definitely should get at least 4 uses out of one jar. Can’t wait to hear your throughts on it.

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