Wash Day

It’s been a while….

So I’ve been making decisions and that’s why these wash days are so few and far in between.

Thanks to Miss Divachyk, she got me reading this art of transitioning book by the same person who brought you The Science of Black Hair I’ve decided that since I’m about 21 weeks post, I’d just keep stretching and see how long I can go. So far so good. I went into this texlax journey with the hope of making transitioning easier and while I’m not ready to throw in the relaxer towel yet (just in case I relapse) I will say that it’s been much easier to stretch lately and as long as I don’t “think” I need a relaxer, then I feel I don’t need one.

Barely. #insertmemehere

So I started with just clarifying because my hair felt disgusting. Seriously. I used my trust Redken Cleansin Cream. This stuff is a keeper man. Go to ulta. Buy the liter. Spend an extra couple bucks for the pump. You will thank me later. I let it sit too. I’ve realized that the more texture I have, the longer it actually has to sit on to work. Funny how things change.

I didn’t use protein #gasp. I just used my Keracare Humecto. It was on for 10 minutes before I went under the dryer, 15 minutes under heat and 30 while entertaining my little big guy. I eventually rinsed in my kitchen sink (which I actually liked).

My hair actually felt good despite not using protein. It’s been too close since using protein so I didn’t want to go crazy just because I clarified.

I rollerset using my spray water bottle and Nexxus Pro Mend heat protection spray. This stuff actually has good slip. I like it better for the flat iron, but it’s equally good under the dryer and leaves my hair frizz free.

This is how I have to sit under the dryer these days.







Not losing much hair these day yet but I’m just trying to play it by ear. The weather here has been disgusting: snow and bitter cold. I will admit I haven’t been sealing the way I should. I should probably look into getting a good butter again if I don’t have any. I’m also going to reincorporate my silk dream and APB back into rotation. It’s been about 5 months, I think I can use that stuff slowly again.

My mother has me watching old Chappelle Show episodes and I’m crying over here. How was your last wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


17 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • Ugh. Yes. I know. We will see how long this feeling last. Little man is getting big. Too damn big so damn fast. Oh man, I’m trying to cherish it but he’s making it so hard.

  1. Your hair looks great and baby is getting big. Seems like yesterday that you were pregnant. I started using the Redken Hair Cleansing Cream because you, and I love it so much that I bought the liter at Ulta.

    Do you roller set with only water as the leave in? When I roller set I use APB leave in, It’s a 10 leave in, and a serum. When I comb out the roller set I get little pieces of broken hairs and my hair feels a little dry. I don’t roll tight so that wouldn’t be the reason. I’m thinking that I’m applying too much leave ins or I need to use only liquids.

    • I use a heat protectant and water to make combing easier. Speaking from experience, it is too much leave in. You could just stick with the it’s a 10 if it’s a heat protectant. My hair would break a lot when I used a leave in and protectant unless the leave in is a spray.

  2. Awww he is getting big, so cute. I’m in the same boat now as well, just stretching to see how long I can make it and take it from there. I’ve gotten back to roller setting again but it doesn’t stretch my roots, it’s so tighly coiled that I would have to flat iron it.

    • I’m trying to stay away from the flat iron but it helps stretching so much. Even just lightly stretch in my hair works wonders.

      • I know what you mean. I don’t really like to use direct heat because my hair requires high heat to straighten it, but it cooperates much better when it’s stretched. I’m still looking at what other techniques I could use to combat this dilema.

  3. Your minion is BEYOND cute! After I had my kids, I had to ditch rollersetting (I stucked at it anyway) because of that dang hooded dryer! It’s loud and somehow I’d always end up doing my hair super late at night. #mommyproblems. LOL

    Your hair looks gorgeous and I’m excited to see where your stretch takes you!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    • Thank you. These wash days are hard to come by and lately I’ve just been forgetting. Rollersetting is the only thing that fluid as part of my wash day because if I do anything else it won’t it won’t get done.

  4. Awwwww! He makes me smile! Girl, I remember those days or doing my hair with my son on my lap. Seems like you JUST had him!

    In my search for a protein-free moisturizing DC, I remember that you liked the Silk Dreams Shea What Deux. Do you still recommend it? I liked the RCA, it left my hair soft after rinsing but it seemed too heavy, like nothing could penetrate my hair after I used it (if that makes sense). Oh, and BTW, I went ahead and chopped in January so I got a little excited when I saw the word ‘transitioning’ in your post!!!

    • They get big so quick!

      I would still recommend the SWD. The RCA was really good, but in my review I did said it was a tad heavy. I’m not repurchasing anytime soon. The SWD is really softening and I totally recommend.

      I’m not making promises but I’m not regretting it either.

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