Living the Vampire Life


This is not a “Fountain of Youth” Kind of thing. No Death Becomes Her simple vie kind of thing. No, this is the #vamplife where you look young forever.


I’m messing with yall. But seriously. Very recently, I changed my skincare regimen because I want to be stricter with my regimen. My good friend Ken, who has awesome skin and a great skin regimen as well, has been chatty with me for a while about a few things. I also have a group text (Ken is in there) in which 4/6 of us are on our skincare game. Ken put me on to acid peels which I boasted about. I’m always talking about good serums and moisturizers along with natural methods. Each of us adds something.

Then Ken tells me he had a talk with a coworker and she talked about using honey as a face wash. I said it should work because honey is like the best kept secret in the world. I mean, look at how honey is made. Bees take pollen, POLLEN, from plants and turn it into the other liquid gold. GAWD!!!! Honey this the best. Will have you polished to the gawds!

Ok. So I try it. I use white honey that is not processed. Not the bear crap. Pure honey that sometimes hardens like brown sugar and needs to be beaten with a stick. The first I used was from Teavana (they sell good honey but it cost too much) that I had leftover from like two years ago. Then I bought some white honey from Whole Foods (much cheaper) which I will use soon.

I was amazed.

I will never use face wash again. Honey is good for all skin types and helps with skin discoloration. It’s balancing and healthy and non drying. If you have acne prone skin, Manuka is more beneficial but it’s a lot of money. Regular honey works just as well. Next, I would like to try black (forest) honey but it’s not easy to find. I apply and leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse.

Honey last a while as you need just about 1/2 Tsp each wash and it only has one ingredient so you know what your using. After, I just follow up with toner/acid lotion (Witch Hazel), eye cream, oil and moisturizer. I also don’t exfoliate anymore because when the honey hardens (mine sits by a window in my bathroom) the crystals act as exfoliator. Last, if I’m correct, honey has Hydroxy acids. How bout that for some peer pressure.

Are you living the #vamplife?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


8 thoughts on “Living the Vampire Life

    • Yeah you do! Black soap is good but it’s too harsh on my skin. I swear by shea butter as well. Honey is the truth though. I hope you like it.

  1. Lol @ the vampire quote. I actually have Manuka honey, it’s expensive but I’ve only used it on my hair and used it in tea. I primarily use black soap, shea butter, and Asian skin care products. I usually receive compliments on my skin. I try my best to take care of my skin, my mom is 60 years old and has beautiful skin and no wrinkels.

    • That’s great! Keep doing what your doing! I just like that there are alternatives for people who are just tired of spending mucho money or satisfactory products.

      • What a coincidence, I started using raw honey last week as face wash before reading this. I wanted to try something natural because soap makes my face really dry. The honey makes my face feel soft and moisturized. After, I use ACV mixed with aloe vera juice as toner. I keep it in the fridge.

      • My friend uses acv but he said dilution is important. I never thought to use it with aloe Vera. I may try acv after all. Thank you!

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