New Product- Satin Bonnet


So, after rave review from my sister about her satin bonnet, I decided to buy one from the same etsy seller knotsntanglescrochet. I am definitely impressed.

My “satin-like” bonnet began to stretch out of shape, doesn’t fit and snag my hair. I like this bonnet because it is custom made with a bungee cord so I can adjust the bonnet around my head. No stretching out of shape.


I also happened to be her 100th customer. I was definitely please with the waiting time as they are made to order and I received my item priority two day shipping. My hair stays smooth, the bonnet stays in place and my hair stays in place. Well, my buns do. Just a Reminder, the bonnet it delicate.


I definitely approve.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.



3 thoughts on “New Product- Satin Bonnet

  1. Very pretty bonnet. Do you have a link to the etsy shop? I’m having problems finding it. Thanks in advance!

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