Random Nothing’s About… Hair and Face

I’ve been diligent about my face regimen. I usually wear makeup in the winter when the weather is really cold and dry but lately it’s been cold and wet. No makeup.

I got some Kate Somerville Goats Milk Cream which is excellent for dry, sensitive skin. Trumps my Philosophy Full of Promise but a good competition for First Aid Beauty Repair Creme.

I really like Sephora Primer. Stuffs banging.

I have two face oil serums. One leaves my face glowing and the other makes my face look “younger”. I’ll keep em both if they allow me to pass for 25 for another year (on top of the other years I’ve been 25).

Ran out of Philosophy Eye Hope so decided to give Yes To Blueberries eye cream a try. I’ve really been liking the Yes To brand. I bought Yes To Tomatoes kaolin clay mask because I saw I have massive blackhead around my nose. My pores are so small so I need a 10x mirror to see them. Boooooo.

I did the rollerset video but redid it because I felt I rushed. So I redid it on dry hair. If it’s not good enough let me know. I will also put some pointers on the blog.

I was trying to stretch until the 28th but I think I will flat iron on Sunday (wash day) and neaten my ends. I will just stretch until necessary. My hair does better when I stick to a relaxer schedule, but I don’t think playing by ear will hurt it.

Have any of you seen this show Benched on USA? I kind of like it. This will do until Archer comes back on in January (impatiently waiting on that). What What!

What’s going on with you?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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