Wash Day


It has been three weeks patiently waiting for this day. What was the hold up? My shower had to be repaired. I skipped a wash day thinking I would be able to catch up to only be told I could only take baths. After the shower was fixed a week later, doing my hair during the week is impossible so I just waited it out.

My head was itching and I missed a clarifying and protein wash so I made up for it.

Started with Redken cleansing creme for one lather. I’ve been combing my hair before I apply shampoo lately.

Next, used Nexxus Keraphix for 5 minutes. I didn’t rinse it completely because my hair was really dry.

Followed with some Keracare Humecto and some Kanechom Ceramides for 15 minutes under the dryer.

Slip city yall. I mean slide, slide, slippety slide in my #tatyanaalivoice when she was on that episode of Living Single (yes, I went there). When I went to do rollers, I get 6 rollers in and remember I didn’t use any heat protectant. I wasn’t taking those rollers out (the roller set struggle aint easy) so I got some IC Fantasia Heat Protectant spray and just sprayed it on. Then used it for the rest of the application. I remember using it before and not liking it for roller sets because my hair was hard to comb, but looking back, I was not using products with good enough slip for it.

Anyway, here is my dried set:

Here’s a little someone who won’t give me any alone time:

Here is the hair porn:



And here is me getting no alone time:

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


4 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Awwwww look at him! You curls are bomb (like always) but baby boy stole the show with cuteness alone lol.

    You wash day was way more productive then my own. I cut off like 4 inches. I’m seriously over these struggle transitioning ends.

  2. Baby boy is a cutie. Lol @ the Tatyana Ali reference. Your roller sets always come out nice. The struggle has been real for me with perfecting roller sets, now I’ve begun to tension blow dry with the cold button hoping for the best to stretch these thick roots. Is the Keracare Humecto very moisturizing? I’m still looking for a moisturising DC.

    • Thank you. Ive made a video but i feel that i would like to spend more time making it so im going to redo it. I did not forget.

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