Wash Day

Warning: Mucho Hair Porn Ahead!

My hair felt disgusting from last week. I hate setting foams.

I clarified with Redken Cleansing Creme. I clarified once and washed in sections. I don’t leave the shampoo on.

Next, I did a protein treatment with Nexxus Keraphix.

I deep conditioning with Joico Recovery Balm and Kanechom Ceramides.

I did this all in the shower within 20 minutes.

Then, I rollerset. I used Inphenom leave-in, combed it through, then applied CHI Silk Infusion.

This is the amount of hair that came out during roller setting and my roller set



Here are my results after the roller set:





I loved this wash day. My hair was so curly and bouncy and soft.

Though I would have really like to deep condition for longer, I will say that compared to last wash day, I didn’t see a difference with using the Joico for longer under heat versus using it for 5 minutes in the shower. My sister also really liked her Joico that I sent her. Best recommendation ever!

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


18 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Love it! Looks lush and bouncy. I love roller sets but they take forever to do and I can’t do the mohawk method to save my life smh lol. I’ve been experimenting with new products lately and completely forgot that I had a bottle of the Inphenom mist. Joico is the truth!

    • I dont do the mohawk. Im wondering if I should take the time to do another video on my rollersets. Mohawk is good, but it doesnt give me the best results.

      • Please do another roller set video. I would like to see another method besides the mohawk. I wold like to see how you apply your leave ins. I get a lot of broken hairs when I comb out my roller sets. I don’t roll too tight, so I’m guessing it’s the leave ins that I use that are causing the breakage. Maybe I’m using too much.

  2. I must try this Joico Recovery Balm that I have heard so much about. Relaxed and natural heads seem to like it. I have raided all the Marshalls and TJ Maxxs so I guess I may have to order it online.

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