Wash Day

Thanks to DS, wash days are almost impossible. I went to the salon to get my hair done, that way DS can be there and not torturing DH with all the crying.

I’ll be finding a better solution to doing my hair at home.

I thought I had bought my Nexxus Therappe but I bought my conditioner. Epic bust so I had to be washed with Creme of Nature shampoo which I thought was harsh and I wasn’t happy I was washed 3x opposed to my normal one poo.

I was deep conditioned for about 15 minutes with Joico Recovery Balm. It worked well, but with all the shampooing, it can make combing the hair through hard to handle.

Next, the roller set. The stylist (who I loved pre journey) used Olive Oil foam wrap. Foams are a no on my hair. I did make her use my seamless combs, but when I saw the amount of hair that came out….. I know I hadn’t combed my hair in days but that was a lot. People just don’t know the art of combing. Our [Black] society is so used to just combing out the naps with little patience not realizing it’s really hindering.

Anyway, after I came from under the dryer, I didn’t like the way my hair felt. It still feels sticky and nasty. I blame the foam. It’s soft (thanks Joico) but it’s sticky and nasty.

Last, I was not impressed with the brushing technique for my hair into a wrap.


I do love my bun…. But next wash day I will be phoning Redken, Keraphix and Humectress and bringing in my back up arsenal of Kanechom to get my groove back.

My mom asked me “Have you seen these Rob Lowe Commercials?” In which my reply was “Creepy, awkward or old Rob Lowe?”

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

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