Going Back To Basics

So I’ve explained in the last couple posts that I’m going back to basics. I’ve started by changing my regimen.

Wash every 7-10 days
Nexxus Therappe

Protein every 14-20 days
Nexxus Keraphix

Condition every 7-10 days
Nexxus Humectress

Deep Condition every 7-10 days (if needed)
Joico Recovery Balm or Keracare Humecto

Final Rinse every 7-10 days
Kanechom Ceramides

Relaxer after 16 weeks

Roller set and Protective Style

After my last cut, I realized my hair is a lot more blunt than I prefer. Guess what? I like it. Because now my front is about the same length than the back.

I’m just going back to my old proven ways and will continue to use my online vendors as a treat. I am happy and confident with my decision.

DS is mean to DH and won’t let me wash today, so hopefully, I’ll have a wash day by Wednesday.

Has anyone seen these Direct TV Rob Lowe commercials? They’re hilarious.

How is your regimen treating you?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


16 thoughts on “Going Back To Basics

    • Those are the truth. I used to love them. Those products treat healthy hair well. They give your hair the business for days!

    • Sometimes a minute, sometimes 30 minutes. You can use it as a final rinse or as a deep conditioner, whichever you choose. I usually determine how I will use it based on how my haor feels prior to washing. Kanechom works best as a deep conditioner honestly.

  1. Going back to basics has been my motto for a little while now. That means, using products that have been irresponsibly put on the naughty list. I’ve been natural since 1995 and the med end and cheaper products worked well for me that contained some silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, and sulfates. The difference is now KNOWING how to use them and when not to.

    BTW…..those Rob Lowe commercials are brilliant and brilliantly funny. How they can make such a god of a guy ugly and creepy is ingenious!

    • The naughty list lol. Your right though. When your hair is healthy, you can use those products with no problem.

      The Rob Lowe commercials are genius lol.

  2. I’ve gone back to sulfate shampoos
    ( will use is moderation depending on how my hair feels) and just trying not to do the most to my hair. My hair looks like it’s thickening up and looking how it used to years ago when it was at it’s optimal health so keeping things simple is helping.

    • I asked you earlier have you tried nexxus or paul mitchell shampoo one. Those are the only sulphate poos that ive had success with. Nexxus has the small sizes to try. PM you would just have to take the chance. Elasta QP had a good one too.

  3. This is sooo timely. At 2 years post, I often find myself missing cones because they were so helpful with detangling, but with my LP hair, I am not sure of the ramifications of long term use. Will you be clarifying more often? I will definitely be watching your new routine to see if I can use some of your ideas.

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