Wash Day

So, I’ve decided to go back to basics for a while.

What bothered me was as a broke college student, I put minimal effort into my hair and it thrived. I was solely using Nexxus, wearing ponytails, relaxing every 10 weeks and washing every 2 weeks. Nowadays, I’ve been using more natural products, and not knocking them, but after the breakage I’ve just suffered through considering that I’m not as lazy as my college days…. Something has got to give.

I washed once with Nexxus Therappe. My hair felt so soft.

Conditioned for about 3 minutes with Nexxus Keraphix. My hair was really soft considering this is a medium protein.

Deep conditioned for about 5-7 minutes with Nexxus Humectress. What I like about Humectress is that it is effective in a short amount of time. No hopping around try to get it to work.

I proceeded to roller set. I use Phyto Keratin on my ends and CHI Silk Infusion. The end result:





My hair was smoother than normal behaved well even today when putting it up in a bun.

Now, to watch this postpartum shedding.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


20 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Hi,
    My hair also does good with doing basic things to it. I’m going back to store bought products since I seem to have less issues with them. Do you pre poo before washing your hair? I’m really wondering if this is really necessary.

      • I pre poo, but I really don’t see a difference. When I used to go to the salon, I never pre pooed, and my hair did just fine. I need shorter wash days. The less I do to my hair, the more hair I keep on my head.

  2. Wow! Sounds so simple. I keep thinking about going back to what I used to use on my hair when relaxed, but then remember I had a regular standing appointment with my then stylist. Deep conditioning and protein treatments were taken care of for me. I have even considered finding a stylist who will use my products and no direct heat just to keep me on track with my regimen. We’ll see.

  3. Your hair looks so shiny and smooth! I feel the same way you do. My hair thrived when I used Keracare but they change the ingredients and now I’m allergic to their products.

  4. WOW! Your hair looks amazing! Just wanna reach through the screen and touch it! Girl, go back to the basics! If it works, do it!

      • It is coming along. Just passed the two year mark! Hoping to go one more year and hoping that the baby gives me a growth boost. I swear that seeing your hair makes me miss my texlaxed days!!

      • Im glad its going along well. I wonder if you will have a girl this time hmmm…. Lol. You should get a nice growth boost. My growth was great and allowed me to cut off alot without sacrificing much length. Enjoy the pregnancy and the last of your transition.

      • Thanks Tasia! Knowing my luck, it will TOTALLY be a girl! I don’t know HOW you found time to rollerset pregnant. Girl, I can barely lift my arms to apply my moisturizer!

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