What Happened?

Was I had a little baby and got lazy….

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 2013

October 2013

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A lot of things changed with my regimen which I will be correcting. I cannot blame relaxing because I actually did that less. But there are some things I slacked on this past year which I plan to rectify immediately. I can’t blame crown breakage, as that has grown out, so there is another culprit and since I have grown my hair out successfully, I know my hair doesn’t hinder after a certain length. Here are things that changed and what I plan to do about it:

-Relaxers, as I went from Mizani to Linange. I doubt I will go back to Mizani, but my next relaxer, I will attempt a better corrective all around. I have used Affirm Fiberguard before and I am going to go back to that. At the time I hated it, but those results I got then I want now. 

-Too much texture. Since using Linange, I’ve gotten more texture. I like it, but its too much for me right now. I will start smoothing more in the future.

-Havent been clarifying regularly. That won’t be happening anymore.

-Using SLS-free poos. My hair only thrives with SLS poos so Ill stick with them. 

-Less protein. Ill go back to using protein every 4 weeks. 

-Not enough moisture. I haven’t steamed in so long, so I will get back on that. When I as preggers, I was always hot, so steaming and even the LCL dryer was too much heat. My hair thrived on steaming, even if just twice a month.

-Not M&S regularly. I used to be faithful to it, even if just twice a week. Now, I barely do it. Im not the type to just do something to do it, so I won’t M&S because I should, but now that I have cut, I will just go back to moisture and sealing a couple days a week.

-Tea Rinsing. Not sure if I want to re-introduce because I have to watch my caffeine for now, and I don’t have major shedding issues, but I probably will introduce it back into my regimen soon. 

-Less air drying. My hair does not thrive without heat, so Ill just have to take the extra time. 

-I stopped dusting. My sister was worried it would hinder my growth so I stopped. Im going back to dusting because I didn’t have issues with my ends when dusting.

After using the Loreal Damage Repair 5 system, I will probably keep it as a regular in my regimen and my plan is to use it after deep conditioning to seal everything in. This system also gave me better roller setting results after use. I was impressed with the results. I really like my cutting results after a couple days, my ends look really blunt and healthy. Most of my bonelaxed ends are gone and I don’t want to be bonelaxed again, just reduce some of the texture, but after used the Loreal system, Im debating that too as the balm loosened a lot of my texture.

Ill post my New Years plans later on, but for now I am going to go back to my old regimen and see if I can get my hair back on track.

How is your regimen treating you?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.

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