A Much Needed Cut

So I started with ends looking like this:


It had just been bothering me the thin ends from my crown breakage. I wanted to wait for the end of the year to cut, but it just kept bothering me. When my hair is rollerset, it’s stretched but not straight so it makes my hair look worse than it is. So I straightened it a bit to get a better assessment. It looked fine but I still wasn’t happy so I got out the scissors. I just felt the thinning was getting worse.

I feel bad because I feel like I’m always cutting and will never reach my goal, however, there is no point in reaching a goal with bad ends.

After the cut:



I still have that small area that needs to go, but it’s not as bad as before the cut. I will continue to care and keep an eye on it so I don’t have to cut again. Another issue is relaxing: I have to be consistent with my timing because that also makes a difference in results both post relaxer and lengthwise.

Back at BSL. Not upset at all. I’ll be back to MBL by the end of the year (an inch difference) and then I’ll determine what I want to do.

In the meanwhile, I’m getting my 2015 hair goals together. Start making yours as well 😉

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

9 thoughts on “A Much Needed Cut

  1. Crown breakage is no joke, I’m dealing with that now. You hair looks good though and at least you didn’t lose too much lenght. I think I’m just going to gradually trim my hair in the meantime and keep things simple, that’s one of my goals.

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