A Stylists’ Reminder….



I stumbled upon this and remember I saw this on a hairdressers wall once. Your options are Fast, Cheap and Good, but you can only choose two. So choose wisely.

Good and Cheap:
I remember I wanted fast and cheap because I hated going to the salon because when you only want one person, you find your hair styling efforts take forever. But I also wanted it good so I had to omit fast.

Fast and Cheap:
When I stopped going to her and began going to my dominican lady, I definitely got fast and cheap and reaped the benefits. Benefits being thin, dry, damaged and short hair due to not steaming, too many trims, not deep conditioning and too much heat. Later, I decided I wanted good and cheap again, but it wasn’t enough. Overall, my hair was no longer good.

Even today, when doing my hair, I have to remind myself of this. Since DS was born, my hair went a little downhill due to laziness because it’s hard to find the time for myself. When I try to do my hair fast and good, it doesn’t come out cheap as I lose hair and gain tangles and splits in the process. Twist outs are a great example of this. I’ve started making time for my roller sets again, something that is good and cheap (less damage, less splits, more moisture) but it’s very time consuming. However, due to past twist outs, I’ve had to go back to basics to get my hair back on track, using ground products (ain’t nothing wrong with them) before I can go back to my indulgences (Silk Dreams and Annabelles Perfect Blends). Last, heat, whether direct or indirect, only work best for my hair. That’s not the case for everyone but my hair is optimal when it gets heat treatment. Anything involving heat is not fast.

That’s just the way it is sometimes. We all want nice hair, but you have to determine how you want to get it. Regardless of your choice, there is always a price to pay. So if your method isn’t working, you may need to re-evaluate your choices.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


2 thoughts on “A Stylists’ Reminder….

  1. I couldn’t agree more! My main products are on the good and cheap portion, so it definitely takes time to see the effect :p

    Once in a while (like once a year) i venture into the good and fast portion (Morrocanoil Hydrating Hair Mask) it costs me an arm and a leg 😦

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