Wash Day

My last couple wash days have been HORRIBLE. I decided I would go back to basic for a while and figure out what needs to be done.

I started with Redken Cleansing Cream and left it on each side for about a minute.

I followed up and used L’oreal damage repair 5 shampoo on my ends only.

Then I used Millcreek Botanicals Keratin Conditioner and applied L’Oreal damage repair 5 balm on top of it for about 5 minutes.

I rinsed and detangled at the same time. It doesn’t have super slip, but it worked really well.

I proceeded to roller set and because my hair was so soft and manageable I almost forgot the use my CHI Silk Infusion.

I sat under the dryer for 50 minutes and didn’t really get to appreciate my hair because of a screaming child. So, this morning I took out my hair and was surprised by the softness but still couldn’t appreciate it. I did get to see the back (for like a minute, screaming child) and I liked the difference. It doesn’t tempt me to cut like I always want to.

What I specifically liked about the L’Oreal line was that it made my hair soft, a tad shiny (the bone laxed hair), manageable and stronger. It also worked on my texlaxed and bonelaxed hair instead of one or the other.



It’s a little hard to see here but my length and ends look pretty good.


This is where my bangs go.


This is the length that’s still goes about MBL.


So, I think my ends came out really good because I used the shampoo there as well as conditioner. The other parts look and feel good, but I’ll try to use it another 4-6 times before making a good assessment. Then I’ll go back to my other conditioners or use this in conjunction.

Welp, wash days are here again!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


8 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Looks great! I used the L’Oreal Oleo Therapy Oil infused shampoo for my last wash and I like it, it’s sulfate free and doesn’t leave me with that stripped feeling. I’m still assessing my hair to see if I should gradually trim or cut it and call it a day.

      • A conditioner that makes me want to put the scissors down?!
        *Runs to nearest store* I need me some L’Oreal damage repair in my life!

        You’re hair looks sooo smooth! Is 40 minutes your usual drying time or your “new mommy” drying time? LOL. (I totally feel your pain chica! I have two minions!)

        KLP | SavingOurStrands

      • I bought it because of you. You told me it was a good replacement to kerastase. That’s my new drying time, lol

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