Wash Day

So, two week wash days are helping me out with washing and saving my ends :0 who knew.

I started by washing with John Masters Bare Shampoo. I used a bit much on one side but it still worked out. It wasn’t too drying or stripping, but next time I will use less but it did feel a but dry.

Followed with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Avocado and Cocoa conditioner. After using the White Chocolate Mousse I was skeptical because I didn’t like it. Then I thought to myself “Why would I buy the avocado and cocoa when avocado is too smoothing and cocoa is cruel to my hair?” Then I remembered: my Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion has similar ingredients but works because it had SILK. So does the Annabelle’s. As soon as I applied, I was like “I like this!” I left it on for 1 hour (30 minutes of heat of course) and rinsed. I could to detangle, but my hair was soft. This will quickly be a staple (I hope). Followed by my shampoo, I think that helped.

I put some Kanechom Shea Butter and Keratin for a minute and detangled.

Sprayed my hair with some water, then Inphenom hair treatment and combed through. I was scared to use the inphenom because the JM Bare Shampoo has wheat and soy protein and amino acids and the Inphenom has amino acids. But it actually didn’t leave me crying.

Added some CHI Silk Infusion and set my hair with the Mohawk method.

Here is my hair after rinsing:



This was my set (I will post a rollerset tutorial soon, like this week)


And this was my set after:


My hair was definitely soft and shiny and my ends barely needed dusting. I remember when washing every two weeks was normal for me, then taboo to me, and now, it working for me all over again. We will see how that changes when the cold weather lets up. So far, so good and weekly washing may not be always necessary after all.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


8 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • So far I like her stuff with the exception of the the white chocolate mouse. I can see me keeping her as a staple line.

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