Relaxer Day

So I relaxed at 15 weeks mostly due to frustration. A couple weeks ago I flat ironed because my hair is just too hard to maintain. In twist outs, it’s “ok” but I use that term loosely because it’s still a lot of maintenance. Roller settings is ideal but my hair just doesnt lay down like it did last year. I can flat iron, but I would have do that once a month to make it manageable and I’m worried about the long term affects.

So I relaxed with the intention of just smoothing out some parts in the very front that are the most resistant to relaxing (and heat) while doing the same ole to the rest of my hair. So in terms, kind of a corrective.

I started by parting my hair in halves, then sections. Greased my scalp, then the length and applied Linange Shea Butter Relaxer. I just applied to the hair but smoothed to the front as I don’t smooth relaxer anymore.

When I went to rinse, because I ran out of Motions (actually didn’t have any to begin with) I used Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo. I left it in for less than five minutes and when I went for a second wash, it was completely neutralized. I was like “what!”. The instructions read differently so that’s why I was impressed.

Then I deep conditioned with ORS replenishing conditioner which was heavenly. I was expecting it to be harder. Then I followed up with Anu Essentials Down Under Deep Conditioner. I can see myself purchasing another as it is a good conditioner. I left each on for an hour.

Then I towel dried and prayed DS didn’t wake so I could do 10 twists with Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter and Keravada oil with Green Tea and Nettle.

The corrective didn’t come out as straight as I wanted it, but I don’t hate it either. I will say one thing, I made my goal for three relaxers this year. That’s the best I’ve ever done. I’ll stick to that goal next year.

I twisted out my hair. Will straighten it soon, but my twist out already looks less full.


The bottom is my texture before and top the current relaxer day.


The final texture on the top.


I really hope I can roller set this week. There’s this little boy that prevents that from happening.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


6 thoughts on “Relaxer Day

  1. Gorgeous texture! Your hair looks so soft. Question: Can you do a post on pregnancy and your hair? A list of things you should avoid when pregnant and your observations on your hair during and after? It looks like I will be needing that information (smile).

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