Knowing Your Ingredients: Thyroid

Your probably like, how is the Thyroid related to hair ingredients? Well, the thyroid has a lot to do with how our body functions. In terms of hair, it could be a lot more.

Now, I’ve said before, the hair is the garbage dump of the body. The hair gets the leftovers, but what if there are not a lot of leftovers to give, or its being being given so hastily that it’s hard to hold on to.

The thyroid does affect hair and I learned this the hard way. There are many tell tale signs that your thyroid isn’t functioning, but sadly, the hair is organ that makes it most noticeable.

-Hyperthyroid or Graves Disease means the thyroid is producing a lot of hormone, so you’ll notice hair loss and thinning. Metabolism is working overtime.

-Hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s Disease is when the thyroid is not producing enough hormone, so hair growth becomes sluggish and causes the hair too look dull and be brittle/weak.

The only way you will combat your hair problems related to thyroid function is to see your doctor. There is no other way around it.

When my thyroid started acting up, I went to the doctor. It wasn’t even my hair that was the problem, it was an accelerated heartbeat, no appetite, not fitting my clothes (and I’m a 0, no bueno) and not being tired. Later, after being treated, I noticed my hair had already thinned. After, when my thyroid went hypo, I noticed the growth really slowed down though the thinness went away and my hair thickened out.

Once I started taking medication to manage my thyroid, guess what? I now have the head I have now. Your thyroid has a lot to do with cell function, and hair is controlled by cellular growth, so if you having problems with your thyroid and your hair is suffering, you have to combat the former. Your hair will not thrive, trust me.

Today, It Has Happened
Tasia B.


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