Knowing Your Ingredients: Salt

Salt. Good ole salt. Have you tried it in your conditioner? Well if you haven’t, j don’t suggest you run out and try it just yet.

There are different kinds of salt as table salt is the only one most know. Now, in this house, we bake with table salt, cook with kosher or sea salt, and when available, pink salt or French salt. There is a lot of salt out there. So why use it in conditioner?

Salt in conditioner can do two things: help to moisturize hair and help with protein overload. Regular salt (more than likely table) can help but any salt may be ok as it would dissolve in the conditioner.

How does this work? I’m not 100% sure but I’ll dig in my brain, back to organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as cooking, and just take a while guess. Salt tenderizes the hair.


Well my theory is that the same way salt in a brine or marinating meat can tenderize the meat and make it soft, it does the same thing to hair. Looking at both, which are made up of protein, regardless of keratin and collagen, the salt will break down the protein allowing for moisture to get in and soften.

So when you need your hair to absorb more moisture or you have protein overload, salt can help because it simply breaks down [excess] protein in either case and soften the hair. Just be careful, the same way it can countereffect one overload, it can cause another.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


9 thoughts on “Knowing Your Ingredients: Salt

  1. Yes girl! Salt can combat protein overload with the quickness. I try not to use it unless I absolutely have too because I’m a little nervous that the salt crystals that don’t dissolve may cause splits.

  2. Reading this, I thought I’d seen Divachyk use salt like this, promptly confirmed by the comments. I used to collect useless information about TV shows and play six degrees with actors, now I collect random hair knowledge lol

    I haven’t had protein overload recently but I think I’d be too scared to try this if I did.

    • No, you don’t even need that much to combat protein overload if you did. You may never have to use it, but keep it tucked away just in case.

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